Saturday November 24, 2012 Day 14 Stadio Olimpico

Lazio v Udinese

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  1. Lazio = Klose !!!

    From Ali, on Thu 29 Nov 7:18
  2. Lazio =

    From Ali, on Thu 29 Nov 7:18
  3. All Lazio real supporters! let all unanimously shout ­ " No racism". On behalf of all true­ football-fanciers we condemn the disgraceful acts of­ the imbecile mobs, who sung racist chants at the­ stadium. They must be pushed out of Olimpico,

    From Tooraj, on Wed 28 Nov 9:05
  4. Encore Sky Blues, a sweet triumph, the very same­ cutting team we fans wish. The run for return to the­ deserved place and trophies goes on till the last­ second.

    From Tooraj, on Wed 28 Nov 8:55
  5. 2-1 lazio klose 18 penreyra 59 ledesma 76

    From Jordan, on Tue 27 Nov 18:48
  6. FORZA LAZIO!!! LAZIO vs UDINESE 3;1 FINAL!!1 ­ Loosing is not an option tonight. Draw also. We need to­ get back where we belong on the table.

    From Dejan, on Tue 27 Nov 18:38
  7. if lazio wants to be counted as being a­ "good" team, then they have to beat and not­ draw udinese. 2-1 lazio

    From SteelerRyan, on Mon 26 Nov 23:09
  8. If Lazio wishes to rise to higher successes she must­ place emphasis on debt-free management, nurturing­ native talents and empowering the team tactically and­ economically.

    From Amir, on Mon 26 Nov 14:51
  9. Today's slide down the table is the heavy price­ Lazio are paying for their missing sensitive points at­ home. Napoli, Fiorentina and now AS Roma are poised to­ occupy our position, barring us from Champions League.

    From Amir, on Mon 26 Nov 14:44
  10. Come on and stir Lazio, rivals are overtaking us. Be­ alert and persistent Blues, don't let points miss,­ today we receive Guidolin's men, victory is not out­ of reach.

    From Tooraj, on Mon 26 Nov 6:49
  11. Lazio is no more permitted to miss decisive points at­ home, so far Sky Blues have paid enough tribute to­ rivals. It is really inept of Lazio to fail to overcome­ Udinese.

    From Tooraj, on Sun 25 Nov 12:07
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