Saturday February 16, 2013 Day 25 Stadio Artemio Franchi-Montepaschi Arena

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  1. I think Lazio fans might prefer to think Match fixing­ caused that game. The alternative might be worse for­ them to hear.

    From Maxx92, on Tue 19 Feb 23:35
  2. Confound you, scandal of match-fixing again? we­ don't such a sordid soccer at all.

    From Amir, on Tue 19 Feb 9:04
  3. I don't believe is a match fixing. It is Lazio­ chocking up as it does most of the time when it has to­ win. I have been a Lazio fan for forty years. In italy­ Lazio fans say about themselves and in roman slang:­ "Semo nati pe soffri'" - We were born to­ suffer. This Siena - Lazio game is another­ attestation to the Lazio fan creed.... oh well, we are­ still up there in third place for another week....

    From Tony, on Mon 18 Feb 21:59
  4. What a horrible result for a team battling to solidify­ a Champions League spot. Half, I wouldn't be so­ sure about the result not being fixed. Because what­ team would simply not show up with a Champion's­ League spot on the line. This is appalling at best. And­ I am a MILAN fan.

    From Maxx92, on Mon 18 Feb 21:44
  5. LoL. Lazio fans always the same..

    From Half A Brain, on Mon 18 Feb 21:15
  6. Match fixing at its best. At least try and make it look­ less suspicious. Shameful.

    From Frank, on Mon 18 Feb 20:50
  7. Ibracadabra, it's a bit lame to use the­ ''match fixing'' excuse when your team­ is beaten fair and square.. It's even stupid to­ include other leagues in such statement when they have­ nothing to do with this match.

    From Half A Brain, on Mon 18 Feb 20:49
  8. Ibracadabra, let's hope not! Let's hope for a­ surge of pride on Lazio's side in the second­ half... When I go home tonight I want to watch (taped)­ a great match...2-4 should do it, but i'll take a­ tie as well!

    From Tony, on Mon 18 Feb 20:43
  9. it's over , another fixed match in serie A along­ eredevidie and belgian league , it' is poor

    From Ibracadabra, on Mon 18 Feb 20:32
  10. Lazio needs to not to fall apart, as it often does when­ the goal is near...

    From Tony, on Mon 18 Feb 20:29
  11. Well.. Lazio has to win if they want CL chances. AS­ Milan are on fire and Lazio has no room for more­ setbacks..

    From Half A Brain, on Mon 18 Feb 19:48
  12. Sky Blues haven't long attained victory that's­ why they lagged behind Napoli and were derailed from­ title race, yet Lazio has to satisfy it's countless­ fans by beating Siena.

    From Tooraj, on Mon 18 Feb 18:52
  13. This night we impatiently expect Eagles to win us a­ victory. Siena is by no means an easy pie especially at­ home, however Lazio is condemned to win.

    From Tooraj, on Mon 18 Feb 18:14
  14. This week abroad meeting against Siena is the time­ Lazio take lessons from their past mistakes. Eagles­ still have two titles in prospect, thus hopelessness is­ doomed.

    From Amir, on Mon 18 Feb 8:30
  15. Though roughly hand is dealt in Serie A, Eagles should­ seize the opportunity to bridge the widened gap,­ climbing up the table. Lazio can discontinue the recent­ several-weeks not winning run.

    From Amir, on Mon 18 Feb 8:27
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