Saturday January 26, 2013 Day 21 Camp Nou

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  1. Brilliant BARCA at its best spearheaded by the­ magnificent,peerless,impressive,imperious,majestic King­ LIONEL MESSI!

    From Toi Toi, on Mon 28 Jan 23:26
  2. messi is to good to be true! NEVER trust an argie!!!!!

    From JASON, on Mon 28 Jan 7:51
  3. Masoud = Osasuna's Messi !!!!!!!!!!

    From Ali, on Mon 28 Jan 4:26
  4. oh no.. barca is the best team and messi is the best­ player in the world..come on real madrid, end this­ barca's domination on football. i dont see any team­ can challenge barca now besides RM.. from MU fan!!

    From jock uchihas, on Mon 28 Jan 3:06
  5. Messi is an amazing player, no doubt at all. His­ footballing ability beggars belief most times. He fully­ deserves to hold the title of the best footballer­ currently playing. That said, I always wonder why a­ lot of people try and downgrade C. Ronaldo's­ achievements. Truth be told, if not for Messi being­ the genius he is, CR would be the absolute king of­ football. Statements calling him "gaynaldo"­ are not only childish but make me wonder if his­ sexuality is an issue. Whether he is gay or not is no­ one's business. All one should be concerned about­ is his footballing ability. Or are the blokes who call­ him "gaynaldo" secretly attracted to him? CR­ as scored 179 goals in 176 games for Real Madrid! Do­ the math, people. That's more than impressive. He­ would literally stroll into any team. I personally­ find it a good thing he seems to have hit good form­ now. So looking forward to the Classico. Hope it lives­ to its potential.

    From Omoxite, on Sun 27 Jan 23:50
  6. BORING BORING league. This league is as boring and #$%$­ as the scottish division.

    From mr_ice, on Sun 27 Jan 22:41
  7. messi , does he ever not score

    From alfa man, on Sun 27 Jan 21:48
  8. King Barca. Barca can do without Messi infact the chap­ Messi has overshadowed other talents who could wonders­ just like him. Am not saying Messi is not great but am­ saying Barca is greater than individual players just­ like any other teams e.g Madrid bigger thab C.R 7 -­ good player though.

    From Davy, on Sun 27 Jan 20:34
  9. As anyone of you shaw the boy Neymar last game for­ Santos is only 20 lets wait and see

    From joao, on Sun 27 Jan 20:16
  10. hahaha..peace!god bless barca

    From skie, on Sun 27 Jan 20:01
  11. Barca have team enough with or without Messi,for ­ around 5 years win 15 of 19 titles is the best team in­ the history Barca is a Team plus Messi is too much­ team!!

    From Andres, on Sun 27 Jan 20:01
  12. Top scores Messi Ronaldo and Falcao where is the ­ SPANISH

    From joao, on Sun 27 Jan 19:57
  13. *10 men

    From ArsenalFan, on Sun 27 Jan 19:54
  14. What a stupid comment, it would be 1 - 1 without Messi?­ So Barcelona would be playing with 1

    From ArsenalFan, on Sun 27 Jan 19:52
  15. Full Time fair play Barcelona you are unstoppable in­ second half should score 9-1.

    From Alan, on Sun 27 Jan 19:51
  16. Skie ... Messi is good and the other i couldnt ­ care less but in football is built in 11 players ­ not just one man maybe cause i am an old fart ­ and been seeing foottie for a long time i seen ­ great players and not so great but the team ­ still needed them

    From joao, on Sun 27 Jan 19:49
  17. What a player Messi is- already one of the handful of­ greatest ever, imo. Could do with a world cup and keep­ up his improved scoring rate for Argentina to cement­ his place, but what he has already achieved is quite­ extraordinary. Barcelona would be strong without him,­ but he takes them to another level.

    From sansho, on Sun 27 Jan 19:48
  18. No goals without messi, looked at the top scorers in­ the league, fabregas is there next scorer on 6, oh­ dear.

    From , on Sun 27 Jan 19:43
  19. If u take Messi off the score would be 1-1 so much­ for the great Barca get real Braca fans with out ­ him u wouldnt be so bloody good

    From joao, on Sun 27 Jan 19:43
  20. joao! how many tap in now? messi scored 4! tap in king­ is from the expensive real madrid player in the­ know who is!what a comment from you!god­ bless barca

    From skie, on Sun 27 Jan 19:40
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