Saturday May 4, 2013 Day 34 Camp Nou

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  1. Messi is the best player ever!!!

    From Juan, on Tue 7 May 2:17
  2. Barca is a joke of a team that match fixes at the best­ of times. It will never compete with the likes of­ English and German football. I spit on your club­ blaaaah.....

    From The Football Guru, on Mon 6 May 19:43
  3. I am a barcelonista but let me admit this; barca is­ currently weak and this is because the coach is quite­ weak and barca needs to buy new defenders ... But the­ thing i know for sure is that MESSI is the best PLAYER­ in the UNIVERSE. (I bet ronaldo was crying last night)­ .. Barcelona you're the BEST

    From Abdallah, on Mon 6 May 9:53
  4. It's so pathetic how dependent this team is on only­ one player

    From Brian, on Mon 6 May 4:00
  5. Is it correct to say 'no Barcelona without Messi'? Dear­ Messi, be discouraged not because your team is not in­ eufa finals; just because you were unfit to play,­ Barcelona #$%$ everything up, even including La Liga,­ where you have to get up to save your team. I hope,­ based on your experience, you will be able to advice­ your club's management to start scouting for better­ players who will work with you to make Barcelona be­ what it is supposed to be. From goal keeping up to­ attacking force, rehabilitation is needed and I believe­ Vilanova is now well enough to think in that direction.­ Long live Messi!

    From Frank Eje, on Mon 6 May 0:58
  6. Barca and Messi look better than they really are,­ because La Liga has many weak teams. Put Barca­ against decent teams from other leagues.and they­ struggle.

    From Troika, on Mon 6 May 0:38
  7. WOW MASSIVE SUPRISE BARCA WON!! WOW look below to­ naysayers

    From Brendan, on Sun 5 May 22:33
  8. messssssssi y will win the 5th 6th 7th ballon de our ,­ y are the best ever

    From Hassoun, on Sun 5 May 22:30
  9. You can't rely on just one player. That's sad.

    From Affi, on Sun 5 May 22:18
  10. guardiola robbed us of a thriller by wussing out and­ not bringing messi on vs bayern amazing how mediocre­ barcelona are without messi, xavi and iniesta are great­ players but without messi i doubt they would finish top­ 3

    From anon, on Sun 5 May 22:06
  11. Messi is just out of this world. If he had been fully­ fit, the Barca vs Bayern tie would've been much­ closer.

    From Yaldy, on Sun 5 May 21:46
  12. This is Messi! the greatest of all in the history off­ soccer!

    From Yayehyirad, on Sun 5 May 21:40
  13. No Arsenal suck. Get real. Keep dreaming. Barca have­ couple bad games and everyone thinks they can beat­ them.

    From Server Error, on Sun 5 May 21:35
  14. practice game for messi!visca barca

    From skie, on Sun 5 May 21:34
  15. Awesome man yeah barca is going to win da match n messi­ is going to score once more

    From Shebaz, on Sun 5 May 21:34
  16. Wow-Messi is unreal. And My team rely on him way to­ much.

    From Server Error, on Sun 5 May 21:33
  17. Real Betis are like. #$%$ menh messi is in !!

    From Salvador, on Sun 5 May 21:27
  18. It is clear from this season that Barcelona are no­ better, and perhaps worse, than Arsenal without Messi.

    From You can't handle the truth, on Sun 5 May 21:25
  19. and as messi entered the game changed.

    From Salvador, on Sun 5 May 21:21
  20. come on betis you can win this

    From No1, on Sun 5 May 21:19
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