Saturday February 23, 2013 Day 25 Camp Nou

Countdown: -416 Days

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  1. screw the English Kendall.the most important thing is­ that Cr is better than that what his face!

    From Ali, on Tue 26 Feb 18:14
  2. Tello is much sharper (better) than Alexis (at least at­ the moment). Villa is an absolutly deadly striker when­ he is on his position, typical 9.

    From Delyan, on Sat 23 Feb 22:55
  3. Villa once again proved that he is the comeback king.

    From NIKHIL SHARMA, on Sat 23 Feb 22:51
  4. Those who doubted Barca speak up I can't hear you,­ Ronaldo oh you mean the fake one Messi is brilliant

    From Robert, on Sat 23 Feb 22:25
  5. Ronaldo ...Messi,,,,,, Messi...Ronaldo. pls talk what­ is on the pitch guys

    From Val, on Sat 23 Feb 22:09
  6. Keeping the ball and passing the ball does not help you­ to win games.Great pass from Messi to Iniesta to­ i should pass it on so we would run the ball­ in to the net.?Their game have stayed the same but­ where are the goals...where?!

    From Toomas, on Sat 23 Feb 22:07
  7. barca are not playing their best tonite

    From Uchendu Kelechi, on Sat 23 Feb 22:02
  8. Ronaldo the best

    From nezir, on Sat 23 Feb 21:52
  9. Barcelona shyte

    From nezir, on Sat 23 Feb 21:45
  10. viva barca we r winning by 3 goals to 1

    From Frank, on Sat 23 Feb 21:29
  11. ronaldo7 rock the world Ali his terrible own­ goal!hahaha...god bless barca

    From skie, on Sat 23 Feb 17:05
  12. ronaldo is far short of the class of messi in­ he comes 9th for me in world rankings

    From Michael, on Sat 23 Feb 17:01
  13. And if I mat ask how did Ronaldo get into this­ page????? And less I forget, I love your English soo­ well its ^$*#@(

    From kendall, on Fri 22 Feb 7:30
  14. Ofcourse Ronaldo can not does those terrible and­ disaster things that Messi does.Ronaldo is blessed and­ created to rock the world and just be AWESOME! ­ ­ ­ respond to ///@gheovan_putana.

    From Ali, on Thu 21 Feb 19:03
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