Saturday February 23, 2013 Day 25 Finished Camp Nou

FC Barcelona 2 - 1 Sevilla FC

  • Villa 52’
  • Messi 60’
  • Botía 42’

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  1. Spanish Liga - Messi scores again as Barca fight back to beat Sevilla

    Spanish Liga - Messi scores again as Barca fight back to beat Sevilla

    Lionel Messi continued his goal-scoring exploits as Barcelona came from behind to beat Sevilla 2-1 at the Camp Nou. More

  • Live Commentary

    • FC Barcelona
    • Sevilla FC
    • 90+3 That's it! Barca close out the win to move 15 points clear. Atletico do play tomorrow, though.
    • 90+1 Negredo plays it down the left for Manu but Mascherano clears.
    • 90' Three minutes added time being played.
    • 89' Rakitic loses the ball in midfield, Thago on it, now Messi on the right, he could shoot but instead slips it to Tello on the edge of the box but he blasts it over!
    • 88' Beto punches Xavi's second corner clear. Now Sevilla counter as Navas sends Rakitic in down the left but Tello is back covering to intercept. Superb play from the young winger.
    • 87' Xavi with the corner but headed away by Kondogbia ahead of Song for another corner.
    • 86' Dangerous free-kick in the end as Messi's ball from wide shaves the head of Rakitic to drop inches wide for a corner.
    • 85' Botia is booked now for a foul on the Barca right, just outside the box.
    • 84' Alves picks out Messi on the edge of the box but he drags his low shot wide.
    • 82' SEVILLA SUB: Moreno replaces Maduro, a left-back for a DM. Navarro will play as a winger.
    • 80' Barca can keep possession now, which they would do all night if you got goals for it. Sevilla need a game-changing moment of brilliance, they had one with Rakitic's pass but Negredo spurned it!
    • 78' BARCA SUB: Busquets on for Villa.
    • 77' Corner to Barca as a long shot from Xavi is deflected wide by Fazio.
    • 76' Corner Sevilla now but Mascherano clears delivery. Barca counter, Tello on the left but his cross is blocked. Now Thiago gets it back for Barca, who play some keep ball.
    • 75' WHAT A MISS BY NEGREDO! Fantastic through-ball from Rakitic, Negdredo scuttles clear and with just Valdes to beat he lifts it over the bar! Should have been 2-2!
    • 74' Superb run by Tello down the left but a poor low cross that Sevilla easily bring away.
    • 73' Tello curls an effort for the bottom left but Coke's back sends it wide! Corner.
    • 72' Diving save from Valdes, who tips it behind one-handed after a superb hit from Manu!
    • 71' Great off-the-ball run by Villa but the ball flies away from him and Sevilla survive.
    • 70' Navas on the move now as Sevilla start to do a lot better, but Rakitic's ball is blocked for a throw.
    • 68' JUST WIDE BY RAKITIC! Actually a few yards wide but he should have scored after Navas found him on the penalty spot. Great play Navas!
    • 67' Rakitic gets around Montoya but Navas is not the best in the air and heads it backwards. A long shot from Manu is well over.
    • 66' Messi drills one just over from the edge of the box as Barca continue to threaten!
    • 65' Coke with a fine cross but Manu is adjudged to have fouled Pique.
    • 64' The replay shows Beto probably did take the ball out, lucky man!
    • 63' Poor corner from Thiago goes deep and Beto almost slides out of the box while holding the ball but he gets away with it.
    • 62' JUST WIDE BY MESSI! Actually no, a timely intervention from Fazio, who got a touch on Alves's cross as Messi was set to pounce. Corner.
    • 60' That is Messi's 15th goal in 15th Liga matches. Barca lead 2-1.
    • 59' GOAL BARCA! They counter brilliantly and Messi finishes from close range after a great pass from Cristian Tello on the left.
    • 58' Song picks out Thiago now, but Villa's cross is blocked and Barca have a throw.
    • 57' Iniesta with a raking ball to Alves, who thinks he has won a corner off Navarro but the ref points for a goal kick.
    • 56' Montoya gets away from Koke but Fazio blocks his cross.
    • 54' SEVILLA SUB: Kondogbia comes on for Medel.
    • 53' Sevilla almost equalise immediately but Navas's fizzing low ball just misses Diawara!
    • 52' GOAL BARCELONA! It was always going to be a more direct approach that drew them level, and a magnificent cross from Alves picks out a flying Villa with a simple header. 1-1!
    • 51' Intricate passing on the edge of the Sevilla box but Song tries a through-ball when the options were wide left.
    • 50' Sanchez handles as the ball bounces up off the turf and Sevilla have a free-kick.
    • 49' Iniesta tries a different approach with a long, raking ball for Villa, who goes down under pressure from Navarro but nothing given. Looked like he slipped to be fair.
    • 48' Pique is up in attack now but his opposite number Botia makes a challenge and it's out for a throw.
    • 47' Barca start the second foot where they left off - lots of possession, trying to pass their way into the Sevilla box until they overplay it and Maduro tackls Messi.
    • 46' The second half is underway!
    • 45+1 Half-time and Barca trail to that Botia header!
    • 45+1 Barca, who have had 61% possession, lay camp outside the Sevilla box until Iniesta turns Coke and flashes a wicked low ball across goal but no-one gets a touch and it spins away for a throw!
    • 45' Thiago sends the corner over but Pique's headed contact is weak and Beto gathers. Down the other end Diawara tries to release Manu but Valdes gets there first. Now Barca break, Sanchez in space on the right but Fazio hacks his low cross clear.
    • 44' Montoya tries to make up for that with a surging run down the left, it takes a wicked deflection but is chested behind for a corner by Botia.
    • 43' Well it was a shambolic incident that, the free-kick was dreadful but Navas improvised to fling over a cross with Barca all over the place defensively. The visitors lead!
    • 42' Rakitic slices the free-kick, but Navas on the right side of the box still gets hold of it ahead of Montoya, fine cross from him AND BOTIA RISES WITH THE HEADER INTO THE GROUND AND IN! 1-0 SEVILLA!
    • 41' Manu is left in a heap by Alves after turning the Brazilian. Free-kick Sevilla on their left...
    • 40' Good handling from Valdes after a long raking ball from Rakitic caused problems. Now Messi counters but Iniesta accidentally blocks his pass to Villa.
    • 39' Fazio slips a ball wide right for Rakitic, but an uncharacteristically heavy first touch concedes the throw.
    • 38' Sevilla waste the free-kick, playing it short of Navas, but they do get the throw off Montoya.
    • 37' Delay in play after Rakitic goes down following a challenge from Thiago.
    • 35' Navas is caught by Iniesta and he stays down. Finally he's up when he realises no action will be taken.
    • 34' A palaver over the free-kick as the wall is a few yards shy of 10. The ref moves them, but Messi swings it well over again.
    • 33' Navarro explains to the ref it wasn't him, but he's having none of it. Poor refereeing, took his eye off the play.
    • 32' The ref is sick of the constant fouls on Messi, booking Navarro mistakenly after Manu cynically blocks Messi a few yards from the box.
    • 31' Coke gets forward to take the throw, a waste of time as it was short to Diawara. Now he has to get back in position as Barca win it back.
    • 30' Rakitic swings it into the box but Barca clear. Navas picks it up but his cross is blocked for a throw.
    • 29' Navas wins a rare free-kick on a rare move forward for Sevilla. Rakitic to take from the right...
    • 28' Messi again takes this but he sends it a yard or two over with the keeper covering it all the way.
    • 27' Maduro trips Messi in full slight and Barca have a free-kick around four yards from the edge of the D....
    • 26' Corner to Barca on the right but Thiago's ball is too deep and poor. Iniesta does well to keep it in but eventually Sevilla have a throw on their right as Villa blocks a clearance from Coke.
    • 25' ... Until eventually Messi chucks himself to the ground as Rakitic brings it clear. Again, no foul. But Barca come again anyway...
    • 24' Barca are dominating possession, obviously, as Thiago feeds Sanchez wide right. Still keeping it short though...
    • 23' The home fans roar as Navarro slides in to tackle Sanchez, but it was a fair challenge. I wish Spanish fans would get over the concept of howling every time someone goes in.
    • 22' GOOD SAVE BETO! Messi skipped into space on the left, dragging it on to his right foot and blasting a near-post drive that the keeper bats behind. Corner.
    • 21' Villa and Montoya combine on the Barca left but Medel clears the ball. Alves has it on the right, he shoots and it takes a massive deflection to leave Beto for dead but it drops just over!Corner.
    • 20' Beto does well to race out of his box and clear from Messi after a long ball bypassed Coke.
    • 19' But Barca's obsession with the tiki taka sees them hold on to the ball too long as Sevilla get men back.
    • 18' Koke with a teasing cross that deflects heavily but Valdes grabs it. Great throw out too to launch a Barca counter...
    • 17' Messi steps up for this free-kick on the edge of the box.... But straight into the wall. Unlike him.
    • 16' Sanchez skips past one man but is brought down heavily by Fazio on the edge of the box. Messi has this in his sights, just shy of the D...
    • 15' Sanchez on the right cuts in a low ball for Thiago, but the Brazilian loses control of the ball.
    • 14' Navarro now intercepts as Sanchez was set to race in. Sevilla defending deep.
    • 13' Mascherano goes in strong on Diawara but gets away with it.
    • 12' Rakitic with a super first-time crossfield pass but Diawara is half asleep and the ball is back with Valdes.
    • 11' Coke with a hooked clearance away from Villa.
    • 10' Alexis races in but Medel tracks back after that earlier error to tackle. Crunch!
    • 9' Fortunately for fans of fairness, nothing came of that corner. Sevilla stride forward through Coke, now Navas on he ball but Medel gives it away!
    • 8' Villa with a low cross from the left, it hits a defender but keeper Beto keeps it in. No, says the ref, who awards a corner. Looked like he kept it in.
    • 7' Barca fail to make that interception pay and it's all the way back with Valdes.
    • 6' Sevilla finall get some touches on the ball but Botia loses possession to Sanchez.
    • 5' Rakitic fouls Messi as Sevilla try to resist waves of Barca attacks!
    • 4' I think it was Fazio who blocked in the end - meanwhile Thiago has a pop, which is also blocked. All Barca!
    • 3' Iniesta should score after Messi dribbles past several men to pick him out 10 yards from goal, but he takes a touch when he should have gone first time and the block flies in!
    • 2' Barca start like a house on fire as Sevilla struggle to cope!
    • 1' The first half is underway!
    • 20:55 TEAMS: Barcelona - Valdés; Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Montoya; Song, Thiago, Iniesta; Alexis, Messi, Villa. /// Sevilla - Beto; Coke, Fazio, Botia, Navarro; Navas, Maduro, Medel, Rakitic; Manu y Babá.
    • 20:50 Barca won't be too worried about tonight, however: they are 12 points clear at the top of the table. Sevilla have plenty to play for, however, in 11th place, and just about within reach of either the relegation battle or the European places.
    • 20:45 Welcome to our LIVE coverage of Barcelona's Liga match against Sevilla, with the Liga leaders in need of a confidence-boosting win after that shock defeat by AC Milan during the week.
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