Saturday November 24, 2012 Kick off: 21:00 Day 13 Estadio Benito Villamarin

Countdown: -509 Days

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  1. Real Madrid = Ozol & Khedira !!!

    From Ali, on Thu 29 Nov 7:11
  2. Real Looked tired after a Wednesday Champions league a­ little unfair after Barca played Tuesday they have­ extra day to recover Real never very good after­ travelling think Spanish Fa got it in for Real just­ like some refs decisions

    From Di L, on Sun 25 Nov 13:06
  3. R.I.P. FC Franco !!

    From Fat Tony, on Sun 25 Nov 8:15
  4. Booooobinhoooooo

    From Enver, on Sun 25 Nov 7:21
  5. Di maria is d weak link in the team but JM has failed­ to realize this. Every move turns sour when he involves­ himself.

    From General, on Sun 25 Nov 7:09
  6. It's all over for Madrid and La Liga for this­ season. Barca will win tomorrow and go on and win the­ title. I think this also shows how vulnerable Madrid­ can be and I can't see them winning the Champions­ Leauge either, not on this form.

    From malcolm, on Sun 25 Nov 1:39
  7. That was the most shocking display from Real Madrid! so­ all over the place so disorganized and just the worst­ performance I have seen. Its already over for them now­ for them to even have a chance to win la liga. I still­ think they'll win the Champions league. But at­ least Ronaldo will be back at Man United next summer!

    From Stu, on Sun 25 Nov 1:11
  8. Modric what a complete To**er

    From NW36HS, on Sat 24 Nov 23:52
  9. Amir I guess those can be considered tactical choices,­ but I was inclined to mean that there is little wrong­ with Mou' game style. In fact, it has proven to be­ quite effective... The problem is more related to the­ players... Maybe there's no sense of urgency­ anymore... Maybe they don't want it that much­ anymore...

    From F, on Sat 24 Nov 23:46
  10. @ 28 that is wrong tactics and nothing els, and­ Mourinooooo sucks at it, all he knows about are dirty­ tricks and spending money, @12 Ikara don't get 2 cocky­ cause your name in my lang means R@ped #$%$, so put a­ sock in it, your madshit lost, hahahahaha madshit Barca­ the champion deal with it

    From Amir, on Sat 24 Nov 23:27
  11. The issue here, is not Mou's tactics, but the­ player choices... Especially Di Maria's,­ Khedira's, Pepe's... The lapse in concentration­ from Casillas & Alonso... Mou's blame here is­ playing Khedira, when the player is clearly not ready­ after his injury... Taking out Özil instead of Di­ Maria, when the latter clearly gave the worst­ performance of the match...

    From F, on Sat 24 Nov 22:59

    From tonybush, on Sat 24 Nov 22:59
  13. the best team won

    From joao, on Sat 24 Nov 22:55
  14. The Loud mouthed portugese #$%$ are beaten once­ again....We will wait and see when they draw you with­ Man United in february...Forza Barca!

    From darlin, on Sat 24 Nov 22:53
  15. I'm so happy madrid just lost. Brilliant defending­ from betis. Bravo!

    From Michael, on Sat 24 Nov 22:53
  16. The PLot Mourinho wants to get the boot from RM ­ than pocket another bag full of millions and move ­ same where else Now thats wot i call the special­ con man

    From joao, on Sat 24 Nov 22:40
  17. OOps i thinks the special one lost his plot

    From joao, on Sat 24 Nov 22:21
  18. RM well below playing like 3 raters

    From joao, on Sat 24 Nov 22:19
  19. "56'Pepe goes into the book - no, really - for­ a wild challenge in which he scissor-kicked the ball­ away and then thumped into Agra." Pepe is­ getting on my last nerve, but this was in my opinion a­ terrible observation... It was clearly an accident....­ Nothing more...

    From F, on Sat 24 Nov 22:14
  20. I have never seen a worse display from Real Madrid in­ quite a while... It's not so much about being 1-0­ down, but about the way we got / remain there... The­ boys have no game plan whatsoever... The defence is in­ panic mode with bad clearances after another... Di­ Maria can't do a decent cross even if his life­ depended on it... Maybe this guy should switch places­ with Ozil against lesser teams, and sit it out on the­ bench against stronger teams... Because, frankly, I­ don't see what Mou sees in him...

    From F, on Sat 24 Nov 21:57
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