Saturday January 12, 2013 Day 19 Finished Mestalla

Valencia CF 2 - 0 Sevilla FC

  • Soldado 50’, 88’

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  1. Spanish Liga - Soldado fires Valencia to win over Sevilla

    Spanish Liga - Soldado fires Valencia to win over Sevilla

    Roberto Soldado's two goals gave Valencia a 2-0 win over Sevilla in their Liga clash at the Mestalla. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Valencia CF
    • Sevilla FC
    • - Thanks for joining us - it's a good win for Valencia, whose European ambitions are mightily boosted by this result. Sevilla, with one win in their last seven games, will now be looking over their shoulder towards the relegation fight.
    • 90'+1 Despite several injuries, the ref blows within seconds of the 90 minutes coming up, putting Sevilla out of their misery.
    • 90' Valencia are looking for a third now to boost their goal difference, and Banega almost obliges with a volley that is blocked by Spahic.
    • 89' VALENCIA HAVE IT ALL WRAPPED UP! Soldado's near miss is forgotten as Sevilla's defence loses focus in the resulting corner, and Soldado pounces on a loose ball to nod home from four yards. It's 2-0 Valencia and the points are in the bag now.
    • 88' Great chance for Valencia as Soldado latches onto a long through ball and rounds the keeper on the edge of the box - but Medel slides in to save a goal off the line!
    • 87' Great chance from sub Stevanovic, who finds space on the left of the box, controls Rakitic's ball on his chest and forces a fine save from Diego Alves.
    • 86' Sevilla must make something happen now, and are throwing men forward.
    • 85' Pereira takes his time with a throw-in and gets his name in the book for his troubles.
    • 84' Reyes comes off, replaced by Miroslav Stevanovic.
    • 83' Rakitic's free kick is low, out to Medel lurking outside the box - and though he connects well with his strike, he blows it over the bar.
    • 83' Piatti makes perhaps the slowest walk off I've ever seen. He is overtaken by a troupe of sloths as he heads for the bench.
    • 82' Diawara wins a free kick in the left corner for Sevilla - before it is taken Piatti will come off, to be replaced by Nelson Valdez.
    • 81' Jonas cuts into the box from the left looking dangerous, but once again its Fazio who comes up with a beautifully-timed tackle. The corner is cleared easily, and Sevilla will move upfield again.
    • 80' Awful news for Perotti, who has been dogged by injury in the last few years. He will definitely be replaced, and its Papa Baba Diawara who comes on to replace him.
    • 79' Rakitic curls in the free kick, and Spahic gets a free header... but he can only guide it well left of the post.
    • 78' Replays show that Perotti went down as his left hamstring went - he's off for treatment.
    • 77' Dangerous position, Banega will take it - but it's cleared by the first man in the wall, and Medel releases Perotti, who is tripped by Piatti. Free kick given.
    • 76' Medel takes down Guardado to give away a free kick near the left corner, just outside the Sevilla box.
    • 75' Sevukka push forward again, but Guardado once more is there to clear the danger. The home side are well on top.
    • 74' Tricksy through-ball attempted by Jonas to try and put Soldado through, but Fazio is covering back well.
    • 73' Free kick to Valencia as Sphahic barges Banega from behind.
    • 72' Fazio takes down Jonas as Valencia try to hit on the break - but the only whistle is for Jonas's offside.
    • 71' Reyes gets moved across the field and Guardado eventually steps up to clear the ball, but that was a more positive set piece for Sevilla than just giving it to Rakitic to waste.
    • 70' Another free kick for Sevilla, 35 yards out and they are trying to work out a passing move.
    • 69' Very little to choose between the sides right now - Valencia still 56-44 ahead on possession, but Sevilla look more direct since the tactical change.
    • 68' Tino Costa has either just tried a shot at goal from 60 yards, or else overhit his pass by 30. Not sure even he knows which.
    • 67' As if to even things up Kondogbia is penalised for a fair challenge on Banega. Some baffling work by the match officials tonight.
    • 66' The linesman waves for a poor challenge by Soldado on Rami - he didn't seem to get much contact on him, but the ref gives the free kick to Sevilla anyway.
    • 65' Another poor delivery from Rakitic - it's about time they let someone else have a go at the dead balls, he's not made a single one count.
    • 64' Parejo penalised for a sliding challenge, and Rakitic will have another chance to pump a ball into the Valencia box.
    • 63' Sevilla immediately look stretched having gone to three at the back - Perotti is getting stuck in, though, clearly determined to make an impact.
    • 62' Sevilla bring on Perotti for Cicinho, an attacker for a defender - a brave move by Michel.
    • 61' Sevilla trying to push up, but leaving ominous-looking gaps at the back as they do so.
    • 60' Soldado tries to earn a penalty by going down in the box as he runs in alongside Fazio - the referee is having none of his blatant dive, however.
    • 59' Sevilla are plotting changes on the bench at the moment - we can expect a few changes soon.
    • 58' Another poor free kick, and Valencia break through Pereira - great run, but an appalling attempt at a finish by Ricardo Costa who has gone all the way with him. It's a weak, side-footed effort straight at Lopez.
    • 57' Much better free kick this time from Rakitic and he finds Navas at the far post who keeps the ball on the pitch and draws a foul from Banega.
    • 56' The free kick is not even worth waiting for, getting cleared by Pereira - though Banega quickly gives away another free kick out on the right.
    • 55' Sevilla earn a free kick and Rakitic will take - though he gets a yellow for timewasting on his way to do so, the craziest decision of the night bar none. Why would Rakitic be timewasting when his team are behind?
    • 54' Sevilla collect the follow-up but Negredo can do nothing with it and Valencia break again with Parejo forcing a save from Lopez.
    • 53' Rakitic takes the free kick but it's a poor one that fails to get beyond the wall and find the waiting Sevilla players.
    • 52' Valencia had been shading the match - will be interesting to see how Sevilla can change things to get back in to this now. As the match restarts they win a free kick out on the left.
    • 51' GOAL FOR VALENCIA! The corner is whipped in by Parejo, Rami glances the ball toward the totally unmarked Soldado, who pokes home past Diego Lopez. Well-worked corner kick and a decent goal - the easiest Soldado will ever score.
    • 50' Sevilla hit on the break, but Valencia come straight back up and force a corner.
    • 49' Piatti cuts in to the box from the right and has a crack, but the Valencia striker does nothing except force Lopez to drop to the floor to save.
    • 48' Half an opening for Cicinho down the right as he tries to link up with Rakitic, but Ricardo Costa steps up to clear.
    • 47' First tackle of the half earns a yellow card for Navarro, who takes down Tino Costa - the free kick is blasted well over, though.
    • 46' The match gets back under way at the Mestalla, no changes to report.
    • 45'+1 The match restarts for a few moments and the whistle goes almost immediately for half-time. Plenty of half-chances but few clear-cut opportunities so far, but Valencia have shaded it so far by virtue of their much greater possession of the ball.
    • 45' Spahic looks bad - the physios will be working overtime on him for half-time.
    • 44' Sphaic has gone down under a chalelnge from Tino Costa - he's calling for the stretcher in agony.
    • 43' Parejo and Jonas both try to make openings but the ball is cleared to Rami - who tries a shot from so far away that its in a different postcode to the Sevilla goal. Needless to say it's an easy take for Diego Lopez.
    • 42' A couple of decent chances by Valencia in these last few minutes - the hosts are on top right now.
    • 41' David Albelda is the man who picked up a knock to let Tino Costa on, incidentally.
    • 40' Costa's shot is his first touch - and it whips over the bar. Not too bad an effort, just over-spun slightly.
    • 40' Yellow card for Sphaic for shoving Soldado in the back - great chance for Tino Costa, who has just been subbed on.
    • 39' Chance for Valencia as the ball falls to Piatti on the edge of the box, but his shot is blocked by the man mountain Fazio.
    • 38' The end of the half is coming quickly now, but it's impossible to say whether it will come without a goal - there are so many half chances at either end that will only take one good touch to turn into goals.
    • 37' Rakitic tries a long diagonal ball for Navarro to chase, but it's overhit and collected by Alves.
    • 36' Soldado's miracle recovery is complete, and he's back on his feet in time to see Jonas try a roundhouse volley effort from just inside the box. Totally mistimed and he fails to make any contact at all.
    • 35' Banega also had a penalty shout after going down while trying to charge down the loose ball lost by Soldado, but it was equally unconvincing.
    • 34' Penalty shout for Valencia as Soldado gets clipped while trying to unleash a pass - very hard to see how the ref could have given that one, and Soldado is trying to make it look good still by feigning injury. Absolutely ridiculous.
    • 33' Nice run by Piatti in from the left, but his fellow Argentine Fazio steps in to end him.
    • 32' Valencia have had almost 60 per cent of possssion so far, but Sevilla have looked the more dangerous going forward - particularly on that right flank through Navas and Navarro.
    • 31' Nice work on the right by Navas to force Guardado into conceding a throw near the corner.
    • 30' The corner is headed off for another by Fazio, but the ref has blown for a push in the box - considering the amount of grappling going on its hard to see how he's picking out one foul over another.
    • 29' It's whipped in by Piatti, headed off for a corner by Spahic.
    • 28' Jonas awarded a foul as he goes down while trying to beat Navarro to the ball - bit of shoulder in there. Free kick from the right flank, and this is dangerous.
    • 27' Reyes and Albelda having a disagreement - plenty of pushing, and the ref decides it's worth a free kick to Albelda. Considering they were hugging each other seems crazy to punish one of them.
    • 26' Sevilla break, Navas gets a ball in from the right towards Negredo - and Soldado is forced to concede a corner.
    • 25' Valencia attack again and Jonas tries to go it alone through the middle of the box, but he runs into the brick wall that is Fazio.
    • 24' Valencia's attack dries up as Piatti pulls of a comedy trip on Negredo. Not subtle.
    • 23' Valencia win a throw on the right as Pereira fairly bustles Cicinho off the ball.
    • 22' Sevilla move up on the break and Navarro puts in a dangerous ball with Negredo loitering - great saving header by Adil Rami, though, and the danger is over.
    • 21' Valencia's Piatti breaks down the left and loops a ball in, but there's nobody in the centre and Fazio booms it clear with his head.
    • 20' Sevilla come forward on the break, but Costa steps up to end Rakitic's run through the middle.
    • 19' Pereira delivers the cross and Parejo, Jonas and Soldado all have half chances to try and get something on the ball - but the Sevilla defence pushes them back at every step.
    • 18' Nice move up the right by Pereira, can he get a ball in?
    • 17' Sevilla also really need a win: they're closer to the relegation battle than the fight for European places now.
    • 16' Valencia really need a win tonight to try and keep in touch with the fight for European spots. They're four points behind fourth-placed Malaga beginning this match.
    • 15' Valencia trying to slow the game down a little now, keeping the ball well to try and get Sevilla back in their box.
    • 14' Guardado cuts out another Sevilla move - the visitors definitely in the ascendancy now though.
    • 13' Sevilla hit on the break and Navas manages to cut into the box, getting a shot away and forcing Diego Alves into a diving save. No great danger, but a sharp move - Sevilla look in good form tonight.
    • 12' Superb chance for the home side! The corner is whipped in and finds the charging Costa, but he can't control it and ends up deflecting it over the bar with the open net beckoning.
    • 11' Lovely bit of work by Pereira, flipping the ball over to Joas who tries to put Piatti in - he gets his foot to it, but Fazio and Navarro are both there to clear.
    • 10' Everything very even at the moment - it's an open, flowing game in these early exchanges.
    • 9' Sevilla regain the ball and try again, Navas trying to work an opening - but he's closed down by Ricardo Costa.
    • 8' Sevilla finally work an opening but Fazio slips after running up to try and latch on to the ball, and can't get a shot in.
    • 7' Cicinho tkaes the throw and ends up winning another - Valencia blocking the progress well.
    • 6' Sevilla coming up the right now, Reyes wins a throw.
    • 5' Valencia move up on the left flank now, Parejo looking for an opening - but his through ball runs straight off. Goal kick.
    • 4' Sevilla try to make a move up the left but Negredo's long ball is blocked by Albelda.
    • 3' The early pressure is almost all coming from Valencia at the moment - they're hanging on to the ball much better.
    • 2' Cagey beginning by both sides - but it's a great atmosphere, the Valencia fans making the stadium rock with their singing and clapping.
    • 1' The whistle goes at the Mestalla and the match kicks off.
    • 20:58 Ernesto Valverde has been doing a good job since coming in to replace Manuel Pellegrini last month: they have six wins out of seven matches in all competitions since the change at the top.
    • 20:55 Sevilla enter the game on the back of reaching the last eight of the Copa del Rey with a 6-2 aggregate win over Real Mallorca.
    • 20:50 Sevilla go into the match in 12th place and five points behind their eighth-placed opponents.
    • 20:45 Valencia are still without midfielder Sergio Canales - although he is close to a return to action after recovering from a knee injury which has kept him out since April - and left-back Jeremy Mathieu. Algerian midfielder Sofiane Feghouli has joined up with his country for the African Nations Cup.
    • 20:40 SEVILLA: Diego López, Cicinho, Federico Fazio, Emir Spahic, Fernando Navarro, Gary Medel, Geoffrey Kondogbia, Jesús Navas, Ivan Rakitic, José Antonio Reyes & Álvaro Negredo.
    • 20:35 VALENCIA: Diego Alves, Joao Pereira, Adil Rami, Ricardo Costa, Andrés Guardado, David Albelda, Éver Banega, Pablo Piatti, Dani Parejo, Jonas Gonçalves & Roberto Soldado.
    • 20:30 Sevilla look to close the gap on the leading pack in La Liga with victory at Valencia.
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