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Nigeria U-20   -   Uruguay U-20

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  1. This is real bias. 10 man Nigeria and also awarded­ penalty against them

    From TIMOY, on Tue 2 Jul 21:33
  2. God didn't listen to african and german prayers..­ lol

    From Roberto, on Tue 2 Jul 20:51
  3. Man sent off, penalty gifted to the opposition! Will­ this BIAS ever end????????????

    From daplad, on Tue 2 Jul 20:50
  4. 10 man Nigeria are not giving up!

    From Red Sox Fan, on Tue 2 Jul 20:28
  5. Goaaaal

    From Roberto, on Tue 2 Jul 20:23
  6. Go Flying Eagles go,you have done it before and we­ believe you can do it again,and always remember that­ once itten twice shy,just give your all and trust in­ GOD,cause with him all things are possible,don't­ mind that unbeliever that said that even God can't­ deliever[him].

    From chike obi, on Tue 2 Jul 20:11
  7. @Bailey.. what did the man do to deserve the red­ card.. ? is that what you said in German?... Oh well..­ he had already been booked, and if you see the replay..­ Nigerian guy charged with both feet upfront..and caught­ Laxalts ankle very badly, that's very dangerous ­ And if it wasn't a red.. it could have been a­ yellow card.. and same ending.. sent off. Regarding,­ discrimination.. I don't think so.. a few mins­ before, there was a non called penalty kick for­ Uruguay.. So don't be biased and watch the game­ from a neutral position..

    From Roberto, on Tue 2 Jul 19:59
  8. Watching this game on Eurosport 2 - who are the­ commentators ??? Even I can see whats happening­ correctly. Are they really watching the game ? The­ only thing they got right so far was that Uruguay ARE a­ miracle country when it comes to football. They produce­ way beyond any other country for its size. Yet even­ that was tainted with an error. "Whats the­ population of Uruguay ? 30 million ?".....NO its­ 3.5 Million !!! - Thats less that Kuwait and they won­ the World cup TWICE !

    From Chris C, on Tue 2 Jul 19:59
  9. uruguay will this space

    From mark, on Tue 2 Jul 19:48
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Der schiedrichter ist einfach ein Arschlecker, wofür­ hat er denn diese rotekarte gegeben? Was hat den Mann­ getan, das ist unfair. Sick of football discrimination­ and unfairly attitude by some referee. Excuse me with­ my bad englisch :)

    From Bailey, on Tue 2 Jul 19:43
  11. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    what a game, what a team..................go guys­ all these gay men that u can do­ it.................Flying eagles we d nigerian born­ germans are behind you....................Wir sind­ hinter euch und hoffe dass ihr das­ schafft..........................

    From Bailey, on Tue 2 Jul 19:32
  12. Go Uruguay! La Celeste is not afraid of those who seek­ revenge.. We'll make those flying eagles land to­ reality.. and no prayers needed for Uruguayans to win..­ god can't help you from LA CELESTE!!!!

    From Roberto, on Tue 2 Jul 19:31
  13. 2:0 wine over Uruguay

    From Daniel Emeovrode, on Tue 2 Jul 18:39
  14. please do anyone have the site can streaming game

    From First, on Tue 2 Jul 17:02
  15. I pray the flying eagles gets it right today.

    From Sir D, on Tue 2 Jul 16:39
  16. Revenge senior team defeat Flying Eagles, we plead!

    From augustine, on Tue 2 Jul 15:53
  17. Revenge:Episode Name: Nigeria revenges the senior team­ defeat to Uruguay with the U-20 team

    From Somto, on Tue 2 Jul 5:49
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