Final Friends Arena

Germany (W)   -   Norway (W)

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  1. Does the W in brackets mean it was a wet pitch.

    From FatherJack, on Mon 29 Jul 9:40
  2. Fantastic game, these teams make england look they are­ playing in wellingtons

    From BOB, on Sun 28 Jul 16:56
  3. yo James the Kraut goalie is the one ruining this game.­ what a fake.

    From Morty, on Sun 28 Jul 16:31
  4. US, Japan and Brasil are all much better than both­ these teams

    From Morty, on Sun 28 Jul 16:29
  5. these German women are Valkyries

    From Mark, on Sun 28 Jul 16:29
  6. Embarrassing.

    From Steve, on Sun 28 Jul 16:29
  7. Game spoilt by the blatant diving by the Norwegians. I­ did want them to win, being the underdog and all - but­ not now.

    From James, on Sun 28 Jul 16:26
  8. Yawn Yawn Have turned it off gonna watch carry on­ cowboy.....If Norway cannot score 2 simple penalties­ then they have No chance...Ha! They have blown it the­ germans get lucky again..:)

    From Simon, on Sun 28 Jul 16:21
  9. two things: 1 - the ref clearly wants norway to win, or­ at least a score a goal. 2 - i thought female keepers­ were supposed to be rubbish? two very good penalty save­ by the german keeper.

    From Theo, on Sun 28 Jul 16:20
  10. When it comes women football, both Germany and Norway­ are better side. I expect Germany to narrowly edge past­ Norway at the sound of the final whilsle.

    From Leonard, on Sun 28 Jul 16:15
  11. Eurosport is showing it live.

    From lorretta, on Sun 28 Jul 15:56
  12. It is live on-line if you know where to look ;)

    From Glen, on Sun 28 Jul 15:41
  13. well that step over was embarrassing.

    From Theo, on Sun 28 Jul 15:32
  14. Better when it is live mind; though life is pretty good­ in any case:)

    From bobby, on Sun 28 Jul 15:24
  15. Why is this match not being shown life on computer?

    From Sunday, on Sun 28 Jul 14:59
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