Tuesday June 28, 2011 Group Stage: Group C Finished BayArena

Colombia (W) 0 - 1 Sweden (W)

  • Landström 57’

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  1. Women's World Cup - Sweden overcome Colombia

    Women's World Cup - Sweden overcome Colombia

    Sweden opened their Women's World Cup campaign with a 1-0 win over Colombia in a Group C clash in Leverkusen. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Colombia (W)
    • Sweden (W)
    • 90+4 The final whistle goes and it's all over for the plucky Colombians. Sweden will be delighted to have the three points after they were given a much sterner test than they perhaps would have expected. There's no doubt that the Swedes should have scored more than their solitary goal as they were very wasteful in front of goal.
    • 90+3 Sweden have a chance to make the game safe on the counter-attack but Jakobsson happy just to win the corner and waste a few more seconds
    • 90+2 Arias wins a free-kick after a collision with Fischer and switch the ball to the left flank and Rodallega attempts a long-range effort again, but again it's over the bar
    • 91 There will be four minutes of injury time
    • 90' Sweden doing well to keep the ball at the right end of the pitch for their purposes and will run down the clock now you would expect
    • 89' Jakobsson continues to threaten on the right wing but is unfortunate to lose out in a challenge near the by-line and it results in a goal-kick
    • 88' Rincon takes the kick but it is woeful as she clears the frame of the goal by about fifteen yards in what I think was a cross, very disappointing
    • 88' Silly challenge by Jakobsson on Rodallega gives Colombia a free-kick on the left wing in a dangerous crossing position
    • 87' The corner is dominantly punched clear by Lindahl in the Swedish goal
    • 87' Rodallega breaks down the otehr end of the pitch and out-paces Svensson again winning a corner
    • 86' Sepulveda continues her excellent performance by out-jumping all the taller players round her and claims the corner brilliantly
    • 85' Schelin gets free in the area again after an Edlnud flick-on, she may well have handled it but got her shot off anyway and it was tipped round the post by Sepulveda
    • 84' Long-ball down the right channel finds Vidal but she mis-hits her cross and it goes out for a goal-kick
    • 81' Ospina struggling with some cramp, but she is going to be fine
    • 80' The goalscorer Landstrom is replaced by Madelaine Edlund
    • 79' Vidal replaces Peralta for Colombia
    • 78' The substitute Jakobsson is clear through on goal but from a tight angle, her shot is beaten away by the goalkeeper
    • 77' Sjogran has an excellent opportunity to set up a goal for Sweden but chooses to shoot herself when Landstrom was much better placed inside the area, poor decision making from the experienced midfielder.
    • 76' Jakobssen looks lively playing well forward on the right, getting a cross in, but it's easily defended
    • 75' Rincon continues to pull the strings for Colombia, but many of her passes are sideways, which would be fine if her team didn't need to score, but they are running out of time here
    • 74' Schelin continuies to get into good positions but her cross from the right is blocked when she should have done better.
    • 73' Thunebro takes the resulting free-kick but it is very poor indeed, tamely hitting the wall
    • 72' Peralta brings down Jakobsson as she cuts in from the right wing, it looked like Peralta got the ball there, a little harsh
    • 71' Columbia win a corner but surprisingly play it short and the chance is snuffed out
    • 70' The pace has slowed some what, undoubtedly thanks to the heat
    • 69' Caroline Seger the captain, has been replaced by Nilla Fischer who will take over in central midfield in the enforcer role
    • 68' Colombia look as comfortable as they have all game, but it's not hurting Sweden and they aren't having enough possession in the final third.
    • 67' Schelin is played in by Sjogran and Gaitan clearly pushes her off the ball, looked like a penalty to me
    • 66' Montoya who has played pretty well is replaced by Dominguez
    • 65' Ospina creates a counter-attack with great pace bursting into the opposition's half, she plays in Rodallega down the left but her effort doesn't dip in time and it's over.
    • 64' Rincon and Montoya have shown excellent touch in the middle for Colombia throughout and they continue to do so, there isn't enough movement ahead of them though
    • 63' Seger gets away from her marker down the right-flank but an attempted one-two with Schelin doesn't come off and it rolls out for a throw-in
    • 62' Colombia get on the ball for the first time in a while but they can't find a way through
    • 61' Schelin almost played in yet again but the pass is over-hit once more
    • 60' Sweden looked relieved and a lot more relaxed now, Colombia struggling to get the ball out of their own half
    • 59' Usme replaced by Castro for Colombia
    • 58' GOAL FOR SWEDEN!!! Landstrom gets her goal. Svensson intercepts a pass and plays in Schelin, she gets to the by-line and brilliantly picks out Landstrom who can't miss from there, a yard out and an open goal.
    • 57' Another shocker from Landstrom as she is played in by Seger and balloons her shot well over the bar when in one-on-one. Very poor.
    • 56' Thunebro gets to the by-line and cuts back a really good cross that looked set for the head of Landstrom, Sepulveda just gets there in time though and deflects it away
    • 54' Forsberg is replaced by Sofia Jakobsson for Sweden. Forsberg had made some promising runs, but her efforts hadn't led to anything of note.
    • 53' The corner is dealt with effectively and it ends with a goal-kick for the Swedes
    • 52' Ospina makes a brilliant break forward and plays in Rodallega who's cross is deflacted behind for a corner
    • 51' Schelin holds the ball up brilliantly but gives the ball away casually to Ospina in the middle of the park
    • 50' Thunebro swings in a quality cross from the left but Seger can't quite get her head to it. Goal-kick.
    • 49' Colombia trying to establish some possession from the back but the wayward pass seems only a moment away at any point and they give it away again
    • 48' Colombia need to settle down again after an early scare in this half, Sweden looking to capitalise on this period of advantage
    • 47' Possession surrendered far too easily by Colombia and Seger plays in Schelin down the left, she rounds the onrushing Sepulveda but is forced to shoot from a tight angle and narrowly misses the target, another good chance though.
    • 46' Early free-kick for Colombia jsut inside the Swedish half is played short
    • 45' Colombia get the second half underway
    • 45 There's the half-time whistle. Sweden won't believe they aren't winning but the Colombians will be absolutely delighted not to be behind. Some of the misses from Sweden have been incredible, especially Landstrom's.
    • 45+1 Sweden happy to knock the ball around in midfield but then resort to a long ball which is horribly over hit
    • 45' Rodallega again the main threat for the South Americans as she tries to take on Svensson again, she gets a shot away but it's harmlessly wide
    • 44' It's a very strong challenge from Montoya on Schelin and the Swedish free-kick is played in from the centre-circle into the penalty box, it bobbles around and is eventually cleared
    • 43' Arias bursts forward from the back and hits a speculative long-range effort, it's well wide though
    • 42' Forsberg puts in a dangerous cors which Sepulveda initially spills but recovers well to hold on to
    • 41' Sweden pressing again now with both full-backs pushing forward, they can't quite make the telling pass though
    • 40' The possession stat now at 50% each which you never would have expected after twenty minutes, Colombia have settled in well
    • 38' Landstrom and Schelin looking to link-up again but the latter is offside for the second time. Schelin looking to play off the shoulder of the last defender but it's not paying off yet.
    • 37' Sweden still the better time but it's much more even and Colombia having decent possession in the Swedish half
    • 36' Schelin called offside although replays show she was well on, chance gone though
    • 35' Landstrom and Schelin seem extremely good at setting chances up for each other, buit not so proficient at finishing them themselves
    • 34' Schelin very nearly in again as she bursts onto a through ball but Sepulveda is out like lightning and does brilliantly to make a clearance outside the box
    • 33' Sweden showing their frustration as they give away another free-kick just inside the Colombian half
    • 32' Forsberg offers a threat down the right again for Sweden but she is eventually closed out at the by-line before she can get a cross in, the chance disapates.
    • 31' Sweden will be rueing those missed chances now as Colombia are getting a foothold in the game now and are getting some sustained possession for the first time
    • 30' Yoreli Rincon lines it up from thirty-five yards out but her shot is poor and trickles wide of the post
    • 29' Seger receives a yellow card for that challenge on Montoya, it was quite late.
    • 28' Rodallega looks lively down the left for Colombia as she skips past her marker, she cuts inside and plays in Montoya who wins the free-kick against Seger
    • 27' Colombia are making more tackles than they were prviously in midfield, and are making it difficult for Sweden
    • 26' The Swedes have lost a bit of the momentum that they had developed, but still are in control of the match and especially the midfield battle
    • 25' Colombia show that they can threaten as Ospina gets on the ball in midfield, waits for the run of Usme and then very nearly plays her in, but the pass is slightly over-hit
    • 24' Forsberg overlaps brilliantly down the right and puts a good looking cross in but there was no one in the six yard box so Sepulveda's half punch is good enough to clear
    • 23' The corner is cleared but it's going to come straight back from the half-way line, Sweden having all the possession
    • 23' Dahlkvist the latest to get a shot in but it's deflected behind for a corner on the edge of the area
    • 22' Usme is the main goal threat for the Colombians but she is forced to drop incredibly deep to try and pick up some possession
    • 21' Gaitan back on the field and seems fine
    • 20' The game is back under way and Sweden on the attack again. Schelin finds some space on the left of the penalty box but her cross-come-shot drifts harmlessly wide
    • 19' Sweden's warm up games for the tournament have been reasonable but not overwhelming, narrowly beating Canada and Mexico, drawing with Japan and suffering defeat to England.
    • 18' The stretcher-bearers are on and it could be the end of the game for the Colombian captain Natalia Gaitan
    • 17' Gaitan and Landstrom collide and it's the Colombian who comes off much worse. There didn't seem like there was much malice from the Swede, but Gaitan doesn't look in a good way.
    • 16' It looks a complete mis-match in midfield with Sweden totally dominant, but as long as it's 0-0 Colombia are right in it
    • 15' The second corner is a replica of the first although it bends jsut narrowl past the far post without a touch from the keeper and it's a goal-kick
    • 14' It's the first corner for Sweden and Sjokran nearly scores direct from it, Sepulveda touches it out though for another corner
    • 13' It's continuing heavy pressure from the Swedes and it seems only a matter of time till they make one of these chances count
    • 12' Landstrom misses the easiest chance she is likely to get all tournament. Thunebro breaks down the left, plays in Schelin and she was very composed in picking out Landstrom from the by-line but the big striker calmly side-footed her shot over the bar from four yards, very poor.
    • 11' Schelin not having a good start to the game, she controls the ball on the edge of the area, could have shot herself but tried to play in Landstrom and played it straight out of play
    • 9' Schelin very nearly scores for the second time. Seger slides her in and again Schelin beats the keeper but her finish is tame and it's cleared off the line
    • 8' Colombia struggling to keep hold of the ball and need to settle down in their first ever World Cup match
    • 7' Sweden looking to get the ball down and play, starting to dominate possession now
    • 6' Schelin gets to the by-line at the other end, but the ball just runs out before she can cross it in
    • 5' Rodallega comes out to the left flank and chips a through ball towards Usme, she can't quite get on teh end of it but it was excellent vision from Rodallega
    • 4' Sweden playing at a high tempo in the early stages, maybe looking to strike early before the heat takes it's toll
    • 3' Route one from Sweden as a long clearance from Lindahl goes straight over the heads of the Colombian defence and Schelin was through. She clipped her effort past the goalkeeper but it was cleared off the line by Gaitan
    • 2' Landstrom and Schelin in attack for Sweden are immediately obvious to be alot bigger than their central defensive markers, they will certainly provide an aerial threat
    • 1' The game is underway in the BayArena as Sweden kick-off
    • 13.58 Temperatures are scorching ahead of kick-off, it's around 32 degrees in Leverkusen
    • 13.55 The referee for this afternoon's game is Carol Anne Chenard of Canada, with her lineswomen from El Salvador and Trinidad
    • 13.50 Colombia have the cousin of Wigan Athletic's Hugo Rodallega in their squad. Carmen plays for Sarmiento in her home country and has scored six goals in thirty-one appearances for the South Americans.
    • 13.45 The two sides have never faced each other before, although Sweden go into the match as heavy favourites with the bookies.
    • 13.40 Lotta Schelin is one of the stars of the Swedish team, the 27-year-old has scored 38 goals in her 89 appearances for her country and was a key part of the Lyon side that won this year's Champions League
    • 13.35 Therese Sjögran will pick up her 170th cap for Sweden this afternoon, an amazing achievement for the 34-year-old Sky Blue midfielder
    • 13.30 This is Colombia's first appearance in the World Cup, however their performances in the South American Women's Football Championship has been steadily improving resulting in them finishing second behind Brazil in last year's tournament in Ecuador.
    • 13.25 The Swedes have qualified for every single edition of the Women's World Cup so far, with their best result coming in 2003 when they finished as runners up, narrowly losing out to Germany in extra-time in the final
    • 13.20 Sweden: Lindahl, Rohlin, Svensson, Seger, Thunebro, Larsson, Schelin, Landstrom, Sjogran, Forsberg, Dahlkvist
    • 13.18 Team News is in: Colombia: Sepulveda, Gaitan, Ospina, Arias, Montoya, Usme, Peralta, Rodallega, Rincon, Peduzine, Andrade
    • 13.15 Good afternoon and welcome to our coverage of the opening Group C match of the 2011 Women's World Cup between Colombia and Sweden in Leverkusen.
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  • Colombia (W)

    Manager: Ricardo Rozo

  • Sweden (W)

    Manager: Thomas Dennerby

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