Tuesday July 5, 2011 Group Stage: Group B Finished SGL arena

England (W) 2 - 0 Japan (W)

  • White 15’
  • Yankey 66’

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  1. Women's World Cup - England win to top group

    Women's World Cup - England win to top group

    England beat Japan 2-0 in Augsburg to top Group B and move into the quarter-finals of the Women's World Cup. More

  • Live Commentary

    • England (W)
    • Japan (W)
    • 90' France face Germany later this evening and that will determine who England and Japan will face in the next round.
    • 90' England qualify as Group B winners and go into the quarter-finals unbeaten and full of confidence.
    • 90+2 There's the final whistle and England have picked up a sensational result.
    • 90+1 Kawaswumi has been very bright since coming on as she skipped past Jill Scott on the edge of the box and got a shot away but it was well wide
    • 90' Two additional minutes have been added
    • 89' Bassett replaces Ellen White
    • 88' Bradley puts the ball behind for a corner and Kawasumi eventually gets a shot away after the ball bobbled around in the area but it's over
    • 87' Kawasumi tries a cross from the left but it turned into a shot which was well saved by Bardsley. Somehow it is given as a goal-kick though. Shocking officiating
    • 86' Aluko and Carney link well on the left but they are crowded out eventually. They keep the ball in the Japanese half well though.
    • 85' Aluko again breaking forward from the wing, but her final ball is poor and gives away possession
    • 84' Iwabuchi tries a shot from the edge of the England box but Bradley is there again to make the block, she's had a great game today.
    • 83' Aluko looking lively as she drifts past two players and then tries a shot from the edge of the box but it is well blocked
    • 82' Ohno goes off and Kawasumi comes in to the match
    • 81' Japan have not given this up as Ohno breaks in to the box and then tries to pick out Nagasato but Alex Scott is there to head clear
    • 80' Another corner this time drops to Nagasato but her shot is poor and rolls well wide
    • 79' The chance wasn't fully cleared though as two more crosses came in which Bardsley dealt with excellently
    • 78' Aluko concedes a corner but Miyama's delivery for once is poor
    • 77' Carney plays in Alex Scott bursting into the box on the right but she trips over the ball and Sameshima comes away with it
    • 76' Iwabuchi replaces Sakaguchi, but it's probably too little too late for Japan
    • 75' Asante gets away down the right and tries a powerful cross but it's too heavy and goes out for a goal-kick
    • 74' White chases after a through ball but Iwashimizu comes across to make a well timed challenge and put it out for a throw-in
    • 73' Miyama with a good corner, but Bardsley comes out and claims it on the edge of the six-yard box. Great catch.
    • 72' Japan pressing as Miyama gets to the byeline but her cross is cut out by Alex Scott and it's a corner
    • 71' Kinga continues to be a threat down the right but Unitt and Jill Scott team up on her to crowd her out
    • 70' Sawa looks to be hurt as she collided with Bradley after going for the previous header
    • 69' Sawa looks to get on the end of a Kinga cross but can't quite get her head to the ball
    • 68' japan resorting to the long ball again and Nagasato is caught offside
    • 67' Japan have it all to do now, and England will just look to keep them at bay for the remainder
    • 65' GOAL FOR ENGLAND!!! Carney broke from midfield and played in White on the left, she laid it back to Unitt who swung in a cross which Yankey got on the end of, the substitute controlled well with her first touch and then chipped it over the onrushing Kaihori with her second.
    • 64' Carney trying to hold possession for England as Japan seem to be dominating and she wins a free-kick against Sakaguchi
    • 63' Kelly Smith is to be replaced by Eni Aluko
    • 62' This corner goes to the edge of the box to Kinga who hits it but it is blocked amongst the crowd of players in the area
    • 61' Miyama puts in a deep cross finding Iwasimizu, but it is eventually put behind for another corner
    • 60' Ohno puts in a cross from the right, Bradley's attempted clearance bounces into Alex Scott and out for a corner
    • 59' Great tracking back from Yankey as Maruyama breaks down the right, the English winger shepherds her out though and wins the goal-kick
    • 58' Brilliant link-up from Japan on the edge of the box sees Miyama break free on the left of the area and pull it back towards Nagasato, Stoney does well to clear the ball behind, somehow the referee gives a goal-kick though
    • 57' Kinga overlaps well behing Unitt but Bradley was there to cut the cross out
    • 56' Ando comes off for Maruyama as Japan look to mix things up
    • 55' Asante continues to make the challenges infront of her defence, going in hard on Ohno but winning the ball
    • 54' White starting to look quite isolated upfront for England, she is caught well offside from a Yankey ball there as she sets off far too early
    • 53' The Japanese seem to have re-organised as Kinga now is on the left of midfield and Iwashimizu is at right-back
    • 52' Yankey swings it in but it's well cleared at the near post.
    • 51' Alex Scott fins White with a great ball down the right, her cross is blocked but England win the corner
    • 50' Miyama drives the free-kick in to the heart of the English box which Alex Scott fails to cut out, Nagasato gets on the end of it on the stretch but her effort is wide from inside the six-yard box
    • 49' Sawa wins a free-kick just inside the English half
    • 48' The Japanese forwards' touch is letting them down as their defenders resort to long balls but they are rarely controlled
    • 47' Asante manages to dispossess Ando and then wins the free-kick from the Japanese midfielder
    • 46' Rachel Yankey has replaced Jess Clarke for England
    • 46' Japan get the second half underway
    • 45 A highly intriguing first-half ends with England 1-0 up and eliminating the Japanese threat well, if they can keep it up for the full 90 minutes is yet to be seen though.
    • 45+2 There's the half-time whistle.
    • 45+1 Sameshima breaks forward from left-back again but Alex Scott is equal to her and comes away with the ball
    • 45' Just one minute of injury time will be played
    • 44' Carney gets in a cross from the left, but White is a little isolated against the Japanese back four and Kaihori claims it
    • 43' Clarke does well to flick on a long Bardsley clearance but White can't get on the end of it
    • 42' Ohno always a threat from the right and she looks to dart into the box, but England have numbers back and close out her options, win the ball and clear
    • 41' Clarke wins a free-kick in a dangerous position on the left wing, but Carney's cross is poor and ends in a goal-kick
    • 40' Miyama with a powerful cross from the left is pushed clear from Bardsley, it falls to Kinga but she can't keep her effort down. Goal-kick.
    • 39' Sameshima produces a one woman counter-attack breaking from box-to-box, but she is eventually closed out.
    • 38' Ellen White with an overhead kick on the turn after a Clarke cross which produces a great save from Kaihori, brilliant effort.
    • 37' Ando fires in a powerful cross from the right but it's poor and is straight in to the side-netting
    • 36' Jill Scott at the other end managed to out-muscle Sameshima and was clear in the box, again she could have shot but tried to slide in White, her pass was poor though and straight to Kaihori, poor pass.
    • 35' It's taken very quickly and Kinga swings a cross in from the right, it is just cleared by Bradley who nearly turned it into her own goal.
    • 34' Japan win a free-kick after a poor challenge from Jill Scot.
    • 33' Kumagai and White go in strongly, but fairly as Japan win the throw-in
    • 32' Great pace from Alex Scott sees her get to a ball down the right, cuts it back to Jill Scott who crosses towards White but it was a tricky one to deal with and it's cleared
    • 31' Carney looks to get on the end of a long ball but she was never going to catch it and it goes out for a throw-in
    • 30' Mexico have gone two up in their game against New Zealand
    • 29' England's high energy in defence seems to be cutting down their movement when they are on the ball and are struggling to create
    • 28' Japan pushing more now as Ando nearly gets a shot away but Bradley blocks well and Smith clears
    • 27' For a second it seemed that Ohno had broke free from the shackles of the England midfield, but back comes Jill Scott to make an excellent sliding challenge
    • 26' Jill Scott and Anita Asante are buzzing around the Japanese midfielders, and crucially around Miyama and Sawa very effectively and killing off their creative side
    • 25' Chances at a premium now as both teams are giving their opponents such little time on the ball
    • 24' Brilliant interplat to get themselves out of defence from England but as Asante tries to set Scott free on the right wing she just over hits it.
    • 23' A long ball from the back puts Unitt under a bit of pressure but she wins the goal-kick for her team
    • 22' Japan getting on the ball now, but largely in their own half as England block their midfield options off.
    • 21' Sawa dropping deeper and deeper to try and get on the ball, if England can keep this up then Japan will become very frustrated
    • 20' England pressing well in midfield and playing Japan at their own game, giving them no time on the ball
    • 19' England very much on the front foot now and are certainly favourites to get the next goal at this point, camping out in the Japanese half
    • 18' Jill Scott founf herself in space on the right of the Japanese penalty box. it seemed a good chance to shoot but she tried to pick out White, her cross was cut out though
    • 17' Japan look a little rattled by the early set-back and their passes are going astray now
    • 16' Ellen White breaking down the right this time, but no one is in the middle with her on the wing and her cross can't find a white shirt
    • 15' GOAL FOR ENGLAND!!! What a goal from Ellen White! A fabuluous ball from deep from Carney picked out the run from White who ran on to it, behind the defence and with the keeper in no man's land she produced a first time lob judged to perfection that floated over Kaihori's head and in to the goal.
    • 14' England looking to get on the ball and be patient now, playing a lot through Asante in the middle.
    • 13' Nagasato tries a shot from range but it's very comfortable for Bardsley
    • 12' Alex Scott takes her eye off the ball and lets the ball run out for a throw-in, possession isn't easy to hold onto against Japan and England can't afford mistakes like that
    • 11' Sameshima plays it long towards Nagasato, her initial touch is excellent but her second lets her down and Stoney dispossess her
    • 10' Smith takes the corner but it's a little too deep and easily cleared
    • 9' Bradley takes a long throw which Jill Scott flicks on but it is cleared for a corner
    • 8' Asante sprays a ball out to the right which Alex Scott gets on the end of, her cross nearly picks out her namesake Jill but she is shepherded away from goal and the danger is cleared
    • 7' Jill Scott at her combative best for England winning a throw in on the right flank
    • 6' The set-piece sets up Ando for a long-range strike but it is comfortable for Bardsley
    • 5' Kelly Smith just mistimes her challenge oon Ohno and concedes a free-kick
    • 4' Asante dwells on the ball a bit in the middle of the field and is closed down very quickly, but the ball ends up back with Bardsley in the England goal
    • 3' Goal from the other game in Group B as Mexico go one ahead against New Zealand, putting England under added pressure
    • 2' Jess Clarke with an early burst down the left, her cross is well cut out though at the front post
    • 1' England get the game underway in Augsburg.
    • 17.12 The referee for this evening's contest is Carol Anne Chenard from Canada with her assistants coming from USA and El Salvador.
    • 17.10 The two teams have only met once before with the match ending in a 2-2 draw in the group stage of the 2007 Women's World Cup. A 95th minute Aya Miyama goal cancelled out a Kelly Smith brace, it was England who qualified in second place behind Germany from the group though.
    • 17.08 In dropping Faye White, Fara Williams and Rachel Yankey, England are leaving out three of their most experienced players, the trio have picked up 296 caps between them.
    • 17.05 Unsurprisingly Japan have kept faith with the side that despatched Mexico 4-0 last week as they look to secure top spot in Group B.
    • 17.00 England have rung the changes from the team that narrowl defeated New Zealand with captain Faye White, Fara Williams, Rachel Yankey and Eni Aluko dropping out to be replaced by Jess Clarke, Karen Carney, Sophie Bradley and Anita Asante.
    • 16.55 Japan have already qualified for the quarter-finals whereas England need a point to secure their progress. A win for the Three Lions though would see them go through as Group B winners.
    • 16.50 Hello and welcome to our coverage of England v Japan from Group B of the Women's World Cup in Augsburg
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  • England (W)

    Manager: Hope Powell

  • Japan (W)

    Manager: Norio Sasaki

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