Tuesday June 28, 2011 Group Stage: Group C Finished Glücksgas-Stadion

USA (W) 2 - 0 Korea DPR (W)

  • Cheney 54’
  • Buehler 76’

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  1. Women's World Cup - USA ease past North Korea

    Women's World Cup - USA ease past North Korea

    The USA came through a tough test in their opening match in Group C of the Women's World Cup as they beat North Korea 2-0 in Dresden. More

  • Live Commentary

    • USA (W)
    • Korea DPR (W)
    • 90 Thanks for joining us this evening and we will see you again soon.
    • 90 There's the final whistle and the USA deserve their win. A real game of two halves as North Korea match the USA all the way in the opening 45 minutes but then the Americans completely dominated the second and scored two good goals to record the biggest win of the tournament so far.
    • 90+2 One last corner for North Korea as Ri Un meets it in the air poerfully but it goes wide
    • 90+1 USA have a goal disallowed!!! Not that it matters now but Wambach takes a shot that Hong fumbles and Rapinoe is straight in there to rifle the ball home. The referee rules it out as she though Hong had control of the ball when Rapinoe hit it, but I would beg to differ, unlucky for the substitute.
    • 90' Two minutes of injury time signalled
    • 89' The North Koreans still hard at it, but the US are holding them at pay fairly comfortably and the game is effectively over at this stage
    • 87' Kwon with the first meaningful shot North Korea have produced for some time and it's a well hit shot from outside the area but Solo gets everything behind it and holds it well
    • 86' Alex Morgan has a snap shot from the edge of the box on the turn but it's comfortably over
    • 85' All the play is still in the North Korean half and the US are the ones more likely to score in the final minutes, North Korea look a spent force
    • 84' Lloyd penalised for a high boot fairly harshly, I'm sure she won't mind at this stage though
    • 83' The corner results in nothing as Krieger shoots from twenty yards and it's a long way over
    • 82' Morgan gets her first chance to atrtack from the left flank and tries to find Wambach in the centre, it's cut out at the front post and it's another corner
    • 81' Kwon Song Hwa comes on to replace Ho Un Byol
    • 80' Rapinoe with an immediate impact beating two players and gettnig a cross in, resulting in a corner
    • 79' Megan Rapinoe is on to replace Heater O'Reilly who has worked tirelessly in the right wing and had a very good game
    • 78' The North Koreans are still full of running, but it looks all over for them here
    • 77' GOAL FOR USA!!! Krieger puts in a cross from the right and it floats on to the cross bar for what would have eben a fluke, but it's Rachel Buehler who reacts quickest to the rebound and buries it into the corner with a good finish
    • 76' Alex Morgan is on to replace Amy Rodriguez, A Rod has been lively but has failed to produce the final pass or shot, can morgan go one better?
    • 75' Short corner was poorly worked and the US end up giving away a free-kick, chance wasted
    • 74' Rodriguez shows great control with her back to goal on the 18-yard line, turns and hits a curling effort but Hong makes a great save and tips it out for a corner
    • 73' Boxx picks out Cheney brilliantly down the left, and she tries to find Wambach but Hong does well to pluck the cross out of the sky
    • 72' Cheney swings the ball straight out of play, poor corner
    • 71' Lepeilbet's persistance wins her team a corner on the left-flank, brilliant work from the full-back
    • 70' Kim Un Ju immediately tries a long-range effort but it's poorly hit and easy for Solo
    • 69' Jon Myong Hwa makes way for Kim Un Ju
    • 68' Rampone shows her great experience again as she shepherds Ra Un toward the wing and then takes the ball from her
    • 67' North Korea getting frustrated now as their foul count rises to nine thanks to Kim on the right flank
    • 65' Wambach hits the crossbar from six yards out!!! Lepeilbet puts in a deep cross after Cheney did well to keep the ball in and Wambach has a free header which she puts into the ground and Hong just manages to parry onto the bar.
    • 64' Rodriguez looks dangerous whenever she gets on teh ball but is crowded out well again on the edge of the North Korean area
    • 63' The corner from Cheney is too deep and eventually cleared away and the second time of asking
    • 62' It's a dangerous ball in and Jong just gets there at the near post to put it out for a corner
    • 61' Wambach goes down after a clumsy challenge from Jong in the inside left channel, Chaney is over it and will whip it in
    • 60' The USA captain now over a free-kick just inside the North Korean half which she floats into the box, it falls to O'Reilly eventually but ehr shot is wide.
    • 59' Jo puts in a good looking ball from the right but Rampone wins it well and averts the danger
    • 58' Ri looking to test Solo again from range but her effort is tame this time and it's a comfortable save.
    • 57' The USA not going to stop attacking since they've taken the lead, Krieger and O'Reilly linking-up on the right but the full-backs pass is too long and it's a goal-kick
    • 55' Ri looking to make amends straight away as she powers through midfield and hits it from range with her shot skimming the top of the crossbar, very close indeed.
    • 54' GOAL FOR USA!!! Wambach latches on to a long ball from Lloyd and breaks down the left, she checks inside on to her right foot and picks out Cheney six yards out whose cushioned header wrong foots Hong and nestles in the corner, great goal.
    • 53' Although the shot count reads 11 for the USA and 7 for North Korea, neither keeper has made a really serious save, showing the lack of quality there has been in shooting
    • 52' Rodriguez pops up on the left wing this time and pulls it back to find Wambach, she gets a shot off on the turn from six yards out, but it flashes jsut over.
    • 51' An O'Reilly cross evades the North Korean defenders and finds Cheney at the back post, she's off balance but gets a good strike in but again it's straight at the goalkeeper
    • 50' Strong start to the half from the USA who are dominating possession and more importantly have all the territorial advantage
    • 49' Krieger takes the kick and the North Koreans find it hard to clear, it comes to Boxx eventually but her effort is wide
    • 48' O'Reilly wins a free-kick on the right wing after a late challenge from the substitute Paek
    • 47' An almost immediate change at the start of the second half as Yun Hyon Hi is replaced by Paek Sol Hui
    • 46' Rodriguez and Cheney link-up well at the end of a sweeping move forward from the USA and Cheney takes a snap shot from the edge of the area. It's well struck but straight at Hong as many of the efforts have been.
    • 45' North Korea get the second half going
    • 45+2 There's the end of the first-half in Dresden. It has been as tight as was expected before kick-off, with chances at a premium. The energy and bite in the tackle of the North Koreans is putting the USA off their game and the former two-time champions are finding it hard to settle.
    • 45+1 Buehler tries to get on the end of the in-swinger but doesn't quite get there and Hong claims it
    • 45' Song nudges Wambach over midway into the North Korean half which Lloyd will take
    • 44' Wambach is a tireless runner as she chases a long-ball for twenty yards that she never had much chance of catching, goal-kick to North Korea.
    • 43' End to end stuff as Rodriguez replicates Kim and breaks down the right wing and has Cheney and Wambach to aim at in the middle but her cut-back is too strong and she misses them both, chance wasted
    • 42' Kim again the danger down the right and gets in a low cross which Jo got on the end of but her close-range effort was straight at Solo who makes the save
    • 41' Good build up at the other end sees Ra Un free in the penalty area but from an awkward angle, she tries a shot but it flashes wide of the far post
    • 40' Rodriguez latches on to a Wambach flick-on but her shot is comfortably blocked
    • 39' The US captain Rampone trying to create from the back but her searching ball is far too long and it's a goal-kick to North Korea
    • 38' Song with a brilliant break from right-back makes the by-line and plays a teasing ball across the six-yard box which was begging to be finished but no one could stretch far enough, best chance of the match so far.
    • 37' Rodriguez always looking to beat her marker but fails there on the edge of the North Korean area and is dispossessed
    • 36' Lloyd makes a burst from central midfield and hits it from just outside the area but again was far too close to the goalkeeper
    • 35' Kim goes straight down the other end and gets a cross in from the right, it's cut out but Kim gets back on the ball and gets a shot in but Solo keeps her out well
    • 34' Cheney has a great chance for the US after a Rodriguez cross was cut out but fell to the winger inside the box, her volley was far too close to Hong though who saves easily
    • 33' There's nothing in it really as the half progresses, few clear-cut chances have been created as both teams are cancelling each other out
    • 32' Cheney takes the resulting corner but it's not a good one and is headed clear
    • 31' Rodriguez tries a clever reverse pass to find Wambach in the area and she very nearly does were it not for Hong who just got there first
    • 30' Rodriguez looking for a corner at the other end as she went to head an O'Reilly cross but it clearly came off the American last
    • 29' Song whips in a cross from the right and it creates all sorts of problems for the USA who don't know how to deal with it at all, it's Buehler who eventually steps in to clear
    • 28' Jo takes the corner, it's half cleared and Ri gets in a shot but it's mis-hit and easy for Solo
    • 27' Kim tries some tricks on the right wing and it's enough to win a corner off Cheney
    • 26' Song crosses from the right for North Korea but it's very poor and sets Rodriguez off on a counter-attack, she plays in O'Reilly but she's closed out by three defenders and the ball is cleared
    • 25' Ra works hard in the face of two defenders and wins a throw-in deep in the USA half
    • 24' Jon for North Korea shows a bit of trickery in the middle of midfield beating Lloyd and then having a go from twenty-five yards but Solo was never troubled in the American goal, well over
    • 23' A nasty looking landinf for Lloyd as she goes up for a header, she falls right on her head but she seems to be OK
    • 22' O'Reilly, Wambach and Lloyd link-up beautifully on the edge of the North Korean area but Lloyd's effort is well blocked by Jon, Lloyd gets another effort in but it's tame
    • 21' Rodriguez shows some brilliant skill on the left and puts in another cross but Hong does better this time and claims it
    • 20' The six-yard box is incredibly packed and there's only one place this corner is going, Hong drops the cross and it is just about cleared.
    • 19' Boxx does well winning the ball and feeding Wambach who spreads the play and the forward move eventually wins a corner for the USA from the right
    • 18' Another foul throw not flagged up by the referee, very poor officiating, and the North Koreans are getting away with it
    • 17' Cheney looks for Rodriguez from deep but again it was a very difficult ball to control and she understandably failed to do so
    • 16' The referee reprimands Song for taking too long over a throw-in but the real problem is that they aren't throwing them in correctly, every throw so far could have been given as a foul throw
    • 15' The USA struggling to get a rhythm going thanks to the hard work and the physicality of the North Koreans all over the pitch
    • 14' Ri concedes a free-kick in the USA penalty area, seemed harsh but I think it was for shirt pulling
    • 13' A Wambach flick across the box gave Rodriguez half a chance at a volley but it was very difficult and she ended up missing her kick
    • 12' Cheney hits a shot from twenty-five yards and she connects well but it is staight at Hong who deals with it effectively
    • 11' Kim Su Gyong goes in very late on Boxx and is extremely lucky to avoid a yellow card
    • 10' Rampone floats it into the box and lloyd gets her head to it but it's a comfortable save for Hong
    • 9' Strong aerial challange from Ri on Wambach results in a free-kick for the US on the half-way line
    • 8' Cheney causes some problems at the back for North Korea with her harrying but they manage to clear
    • 7' O'Reilly has a good turn of pace, but it's not quite enough to catch a long searching ball down the USA's right flank, goal-kick
    • 6' Boxx plays a pass that goes nowehere near anyone and trickles out for a throw-in
    • 5' Kim is set free down the right but her cross is poor and the danger is averted by the Americans
    • 4' North Korea enjoying some good early possession and that will calm them down in the opening stages
    • 3' Rodriguez gets in an early effort, but it is tame and rolls wide from twenty yards out
    • 2' Both sides line-up 4-4-2 with the USA boasting the potent strikeforce of Wambach and Rodriguez upfront, whether the inexperienced North Korean defence can deal with them is an important question
    • 1' The USA get the game underway in Dresden with much of the pitch in shade
    • 17.10 The officials for this afternoon's contest are all from the host nation Germany, Bibiana Steinhaus taking charge.
    • 17.05 Veteran defender Christie Rampone is set to make her 236th appearance for the USA, an impressive achievement but dwarved by the record holder Kristine Lilly who has 352 caps. Six players in the USA squad have over 100 caps.
    • 17.00 North Korea have been dominant in the AFC Women's Asian Cup, winning three of the last four tournaments and finishing as runners-up in last year's competition.
    • 16.55 The USA warmed up for this competition with four friendlies, winning the final three against Japan (twice) and Mexico, but losing the first to England.
    • 16.50 The two teams faced each other in the group stages of the 1999, 2003 and 2007 tournaments. USA won the first two matches 3-0, but North Korea claimed their first World Cup point against the USA last time out, drawing 2-2.
    • 16.45 The USA have a sensational World Cup record having won the competition twice and finished third in the other three tournaments meaning they have never failed to reach at least the semi-finals.
    • 16.40 North Korea are appearing in their fourth consecutive World Cup finals and achieved their best performance last time out in 2007 reaching the quarter-finals before losing out to eventual champions Germany.
    • 16.36 North Korea: Hong Myong Hui, Ho Un Byol, Song Jong Sun, Yun Hyon Hi, Kim Su Gyong, Ra Un Sim, Jo Yun Mi, Ri Ye Gyong, Jon Myong Hwa, Jong Pok Sim, Ri Un Hyang
    • 16.35 Team News: USA: Solo, Rampone, Lepeilbet, Boxx, Rodriguez, O'Reilly, Lloyd, Krieger, Cheney, Buehler, Wambach
    • 16.30 Good afternoon and welcome to our coverage of the USA's clash with North Korea in Group C of the Women's World Cup in Dresden.
  • Summary

    • 90+1 USA have a goal disallowed!!! Not that it matters now but Wambach takes a shot that Hong fumbles and Rapinoe is straight in there to rifle the ball home. The referee rules it out as she though Hong had control of the ball when Rapinoe hit it, but I would beg to differ, unlucky for the substitute.

Team Line-up & Ratings

  • USA (W)

    Manager: Pia Sundhage

  • Korea DPR (W)

    Manager: Kwang Min Kim

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