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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Qualifying

Saturday November 3, 2012 | Finished

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  1. Best driver on the track this season is Kimi, without­ doubt. He's in a pretty substandard car but still­ manages to score consistently. Good on you Kimi.­ I'd like to see you keep that 3rd place.

    From Norman, on Sun 4 Nov 1:10
  2. I feel sorry for Massa, beware of Grosjean!

    From Ash, on Sat 3 Nov 17:07
  3. Vettel and Maldonad side by side at the start of the­ race; that will be interesting! Could that be the break­ Alonso so desperately need?

    From Ben, on Sat 3 Nov 15:35
  4. I think you're wrong Iain as McLaren wont have­ Mercedes engines next season and Mercedes are getting a­ massive injection of funding. With Ross Brawns brains­ behind the team and the groundwork Schumacher has­ already put into helping improve that team I think it­ will be McLaren that will be where the likes of­ Mercedes and Williams are next season. They are going­ downhill fast and the way they treat their drivers and­ their inconsistent performances are just the tip of the­ iceberg.

    From john10001, on Sat 3 Nov 14:41
  5. Hope Hamilton is looking where Schummy has qualified,­ this is where he will be next year. His career will go­ backwards and the end of this season.

    From Iain, on Sat 3 Nov 14:30
  6. Lewis all the way make it real tommorrow.

    From Ernest, on Sat 3 Nov 14:17
  7. hamilton yet again plenty quicker than average button.­ overrated vettel again only does well if newey provides­ him with the best car. can't out-qualify average­ webber - laughable

    From Paul, on Sat 3 Nov 14:15
  8. Jenson Button blown away by ­ Hamilton...................BBC's words. Roll on­ next year, wonder how Mclaren will fair next year with­ ut Hammy, hope well...

    From F1_Faithfull, on Sat 3 Nov 14:12
  9. ferrari doesn't deserve alonso. They really suck­ big time.

    From Black Shih Tzu, on Sat 3 Nov 14:04
  10. noo lh vtt wbb

    From Collins, on Sat 3 Nov 13:56
  11. LH on p1 weber p2 aloso p3

    From Collins, on Sat 3 Nov 13:51
  12. 2 out of 3 Pole sitters have retired from the Abu Dhabi­ GP - Go Lewis, get Pole !!!! Forza­ FERRARI........Vamos Alonso - World Champion 2012

    From MichaelC, on Sat 3 Nov 13:31
  13. Come on Mclaren.....

    From F1_Faithfull, on Sat 3 Nov 13:21
  14. Man Utd 1_0 Arsenal

    From Rob, on Sat 3 Nov 13:09
  15. One of the best looking tracks on the F1 circuit

    From Rob, on Sat 3 Nov 13:03
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