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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Race

Sunday November 4, 2012 | Finished

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  1. how come that red bull has a fast car there must be so­ cheating going on there

    From Rick May, on Fri 23 Nov 23:34
  2. Did Red Bull have a hand under the second incident­ involving Lotus driver Grosjean on Perez just when SV­ was about to pit? It all sounds very fishy when we have­ teams helping each other and engine suppliers doing­ likewise all in order to favour SV.

    From Sunny, on Sun 4 Nov 16:31
  3. Red Ears, Post 1: "Vettel wins from P24."­ Very nearly correct.

    From Red Ears, on Sun 4 Nov 15:51
  4. It's down to the wire for the next two race's.­ credit to both alonso and vettell for an excitng­ finish. Nice one iceman in a Lotus, good to see. I­ thing some of the rookie drivers need to to go back to­ a driving school, or the fairground and have a month on­ the bumber cars. Maclaren ! perez !!! out of the frying­ pan into the fire. Have followed Jenson for a number­ of years , gentleman on the track, but not a racer

    From LESLIE, on Sun 4 Nov 15:39
  5. McLaren is a bloody joke so glad Lewis is leaving. They­ always cork things up. Good luck to Button next year.

    From Nexy, on Sun 4 Nov 15:18
  6. how lovely to see the name LOTUS in front again ­ GREAT

    From bernie, on Sun 4 Nov 15:14
  7. look at these english fagget hamilton fans and alosno­ saying vettel is lucky wow you dont get lucky from 24th­ place to 3rd so shut the #$%$ up and accept that he is­ better than anybody

    From Armin, on Sun 4 Nov 15:14
  8. Mclaren, have not done a goo done with lewis he will be­ better off with Mercedes

    From Ulk, on Sun 4 Nov 15:10
  9. Brilient win for lotus.Good on Kimi

    From E, on Sun 4 Nov 15:08
  10. Fantastic race!!!!!! Vettel made his critics shut-up ­ Gooooo Seb go all the way

    From Medic, on Sun 4 Nov 15:07
  11. ALONSO is simply the best driver, vettel just proved­ yet again that his car is far faster than all the other­ cars

    From Howard, on Sun 4 Nov 15:06
  12. super cool vettle. Aloso could be nervouse, but also­ will be pushing vettle. I think red bull have the edge

    From E, on Sun 4 Nov 15:06
  13. Did Kimi swear...............................Yes­ Kimi.....

    From F1_Faithfull, on Sun 4 Nov 15:03
  14. Did Kimi swear...............................Yes­ Kimi.....

    From F1_Faithfull, on Sun 4 Nov 15:03
  15. safety car aids Vettel yet again

    From AIDEN, on Sun 4 Nov 14:59
  16. Awesome ride, Kimi. You've put Lotus back on the­ top of the podium.

    From Gerry, on Sun 4 Nov 14:54
  17. Abhu Dhabi, november 4 th 2012, THE ICEMAN COMETH­ (BACK), yabba dabba doo, to paraphrase. la di da di­ da...... K I­ G......................................................­ .............................................

    From mouse, on Sun 4 Nov 14:53
  18. Maclaren to Hamilton - ok were all out of power. that­ doesnt mind anyway you will no longer be in our team.­ you deserve that. LOL Maclaren to Button - give that­ 3rd place to vettel we dont want to see alonzo taking­ the champinoship after all he leave us ang exchange us­ to ferrarri. LOL

    From ivan-d-3rd, on Sun 4 Nov 14:52
  19. Who's the best driver of the race?

    From JEFIYA, on Sun 4 Nov 14:52
  20. That passing move shows what class this young supreme­ driver has.

    From Gordon B, on Sun 4 Nov 14:50
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