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Bahrain Grand Prix - Free Practice 3

Saturday April 21, 2012 | Finished

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  1. Money drives Formula 1 and Bernie can hardly afford a­ comb these days. He only owns a few white shirts and­ still has to cut his own hair , poor chap. Leave the­ lad alone.

    From J, on Sun 22 Apr 15:02
  2. If your back at 11.30 tomorrow GMT then you will have­ missed half the race as it starts at 1pm local which is­ 11am Uk time...Get it right mail.

    From richard j, on Sat 21 Apr 13:31
  3. Bahrain time is GMT +2 (Not 3 as is stated)

    From richard j, on Sat 21 Apr 12:59
  4. Ron [no.3] how cynical of you, do you really think­ money influences Big Bernie?

    From Peter, on Sat 21 Apr 11:23
  5. have they altered the track since 2010

    From John Waddington, on Sat 21 Apr 10:38
  6. Is Rosberg's time 25 secs faster than Alonso's­ lap record from 2010, or am I reading it wrong?

    From Victor, on Sat 21 Apr 10:24
  7. At least Red Bull knows how to turn it around after 3­ races. What happen to Ferrari? Guess they have morons­ running the team now. Clueless! Pity Alonso. He should­ join Mercedes next season if he wants to win the­ championship again.

    From Jamaludin, on Sat 21 Apr 10:16
  8. Watch the free practice on premiershipaltervista

    From , on Sat 21 Apr 10:06
  9. hohoho vettels car over heating think perhaps its the­ first time he's really put his foot down?

    From Anthony, on Sat 21 Apr 9:56
  10. your so true ronsenglish

    From Kevin, on Sat 21 Apr 9:19
  11. where is everyone today

    From John, on Sat 21 Apr 9:14
  12. the money is the reason berni says it must go on

    From John, on Sat 21 Apr 8:59
  13. Lumpay forget about the spelling or the grammar it­­ makes no difference I just think it's strange that­­ the Syrians opposed to their government are called­­­ freedom fighters, but the Bahrainians opposed to­­ theirs­ are called terrorists? Is it because one­­ supports British/US­ interests and one doesn't? Me­­ I think one day everything will be in Bahrain, Dubai­ or­ Qatar anyway, it's all about money.

    From Ronsenglish, on Sat 21 Apr 8:53
  14. are they going to be on time today bets taken on no

    From John, on Sat 21 Apr 8:51
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