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Bahrain Grand Prix - Race

Sunday April 21, 2013 | Finished

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  1. Terrific race. Wheel to wheel. Strategies. Edge of the­ seat stuff. Pro's at the top of their game. Vettel­ was faultless. Alsonso unlucky. Kimi smooth as smooth.­ Grosjean stepping up to the plate. Di Resta proving­ that given the tools he is the real deal. Perez driving­ like his manhood was at question. Rosberg deserved­ better. I'm a big Lewis fan and it was so sweet to­ see the race come back to him in the latter stages.­ Very mature and patient drive. His tussle with Webber­ at the end had me out of my seat. F1 was the winner­ today.

    From John, on Sun 21 Apr 19:59
  2. geeee, good show. fantastic race. the winner has no­ challenge. kinda boring. the 2nd spot downwards is so­ fun to watch!!

    From Mel, on Sun 21 Apr 15:45
  3. Well done Paul Di Resta !!!!!!!!

    From BILL, on Sun 21 Apr 15:22
  4. Boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring­ ,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,borin­ g,boring,boring,boring.Rubish

    From Geoffrey R, on Sun 21 Apr 15:07
  5. Apart from Vettel winning, joke, he deserved it today­ (But the margin at times was scary)...........I loved­ this Bahrain Grand Prix. Brilliant. Perez showed his­ class today with a moaning Button Mr so called smooth­ driver tyre career. Perez out drove Button today (No­ arguments please) Even Rosberg needing 4 stops as did­ Button. Alonso's and Hamilton's damage ­ limitation went well today, but if Alonso had DRS­ things would of been very different. I really feel for­ Paul Di Resta thou! nearly a podium, just a few laps­ out . Nice little tustle towards the end with­ Hamilton/Webber/Perez/Alosno, full entertainment.

    From F1_Faithfull, on Sun 21 Apr 14:53
  6. Massa what is going on????? Plz b strong

    From , on Sun 21 Apr 14:50
  7. Lewis 9 th to 5th :) Nico 1st to 9th :( ... Merc you­ let a podium slipt from your grasp !!

    From Earl, on Sun 21 Apr 14:44
  8. Drivers of the day HAM, PEREZ

    From willif1, on Sun 21 Apr 14:44
  9. I could do with Vettel if it wasn't for his girlie­ squeal when he wins!

    From tachyon, on Sun 21 Apr 14:44
  10. Normal order is restored , great drive from vettel­ great battle with hamilton and weber , shame webers car­ had issues , great drive from diresta

    From Stuart Mcdermott, on Sun 21 Apr 14:44
  11. Grosjean is ever improving. Got his lessons last year.a­ new podium: well done!

    From jean philippe, on Sun 21 Apr 14:42
  12. DRIVER of the day is LEWIS HAMILTON ..... Text book !!­ :)

    From Earl, on Sun 21 Apr 14:42
  13. James - Hopton Fantastic race with the best driver­ showing his racing talents . as always !! A few­ others need to sort their differences out and stop­ assuming they should take preference - " prima­ donna's " !! Maybe we will get a wry smile­ from KImi - but I will not hold my breath!

    From James, on Sun 21 Apr 14:42
  14. vettel another great win, gj vettel

    From Sorin, on Sun 21 Apr 14:41
  15. Pure racing superbly out braked by the master !! Watch­ and weep doubters and HATERS !!!!!!!

    From Earl, on Sun 21 Apr 14:40
  16. Is it me or is Webbers engine been cranked up to keep­ Lewis behind? Hmm. rather strange the sudden­ performance from THAT RedBull !! Hmmm, answers on a­ postcard plase ! :)

    From Earl, on Sun 21 Apr 14:36
  17. Ahh, the Red Ears curse strikes again. Sorry Paul,­ I'll keep my mouth shut next time.

    From Red Ears, on Sun 21 Apr 14:35
  18. Perez also proves that he is a match for Button :) ­ Wait for wait for it ! I dont know what happened their­ I was doing well and mixing it with the guys at the­ fron and after my last stop I had no grip !! :)

    From Earl, on Sun 21 Apr 14:34
  19. The best driver out there is buton no doudt about that.­ He has shown perez who the boss is.

    From B, on Sun 21 Apr 14:31
  20. WhATEVER happens for the remainder of the race Lewis­ has made my day! sheer class . Please Merc give him­ the tools !

    From Earl, on Sun 21 Apr 14:31
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