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Belgian Grand Prix - Free Practice 1

Friday August 31, 2012 | Finished

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  1. yeah lets home jenny does make hammy's day

    From ABC 123, on Fri 31 Aug 13:23
  2. @ tim - some more will venture out but wont do much­ serious stuff, dont want to wreck the car! - They have­ all the gizmos for prediction - with the exception of­ Bob Hope, who used to say - "If you dont like the­ weather - Wait a minute" .. he was talking about­ British weather at the time :-)

    From Rob, on Fri 31 Aug 10:03
  3. Dont understand why my last post is not showing, yet I­ see you answered it? Of course the info they get in­ that downpour is of almost zero use, with the exception­ of tyre temps - ride height to minimise aquaplaning and­ some possible info on the rear wing and diffuser

    From Rob, on Fri 31 Aug 9:59
  4. Can anybody at the race tell me if any teams are­ thinking about going out or are they hoping the rain­ will ease off a bit?

    From Tim, on Fri 31 Aug 9:48
  5. You can gather wet weather data which may be useful­ over the weekend in sessions such as this, but when­ visibility is so low, it cannot be of much use - as­ HRT's Pedro de la Rosa points out. DO YOU AGREE? LET ME­ KNOW......... IS THIS JOURNO FOR REAL ???? So its­ pi55ing down expect spra and wet­ weather tyres you #$%$!!

    From Rob, on Fri 31 Aug 9:13
  6. ohhhhhh look a journo jumped in - bout bloody time too

    From Rob, on Fri 31 Aug 9:10
  7. Kimi has just popped into the opposition garage where­ he catches MS doing the scrutineers job of crawling­ under Alonso's car. Mechanic wag there suggests MS­ should sit inside rather tthan let it run over him

    From Rob, on Fri 31 Aug 9:09
  8. So I will try to be the imaginative Journo till the­ real one crawls out of his bed. ­ Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood monring punters.. JB,­ is swigging a brightly coloured Orange juice as he­ sticks a left foot out to trip up LH who was looking at­ yet another lovely lady. LH crashed to the floor - but­ JB smiled and says "Hey bro - thats the advantage of­ being short, less distance to fall " which cause huge­ uproar in the #$%$ ..sorry Redbull garage

    From Rob, on Fri 31 Aug 9:07
  9. Kimi for the win!

    From Dan, on Fri 31 Aug 9:03
  10. When we have a live football match we get lots of info­ from the journalist - injuries, weather, managers­ choices etc. I imagine there are a whole raft of such­ information that a live journalist could be giving us­ miserable souls here BEFORE the practice takes place.­ So what I am saying is...HEY WHOEVER YOU ARE JOURNO­ stop oggling the ladies and do your job of giving us­ information. Oh yea and good morning to you!

    From Rob, on Fri 31 Aug 9:00
  11. Will McLaren be able to repeat Hungary win this­ weekend.

    From Faisal, on Fri 31 Aug 8:14
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