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Belgian Grand Prix - Qualifying

Saturday September 1, 2012 | Finished

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  1. It's about time the F.I.A look'ed at Maldo­ it's getting to be every race he is call'ed up­ infront of them do what they do in the U.S.A fine­ them and make them miss the next race

    From Alan Richer, on Sun 2 Sep 11:45
  2. Ah Maldonado COULD be so good! There's driving on­ the edge, and there's driving without a damn care­ in the world and there's a big difference in that­ he could be really successful, this year he could have­ had so many good results, but he just always does­ something. Was looking forward to the start with him up­ there with Kamui and Kimi especially with Alonso and­ his amazing starts. Just wish he'd get his act­ together and give Williams the results they need, want­ and deserve.

    From Emily, on Sat 1 Sep 23:37
  3. Go on Perez and Kobayasi!!

    From Sunny, on Sat 1 Sep 22:33
  4. Could be a very interesting contest tomorrow and I have­ a gut feeling that Hamilton will come through the field­ and win, with Button second.

    From WILLIAM, on Sat 1 Sep 21:11

    From PAUL, on Sat 1 Sep 21:05
  6. good on yea jenson do your best tomorro

    From big barney deery belfast, on Sat 1 Sep 14:32
  7. Button proves all those doubters wrong again, his­ teamate only manages 8th! Alonso will be happy his­ main contenders are all behind him, probably stretch­ his championship lead tomorrow.

    From AlteredImage, on Sat 1 Sep 14:15
  8. Typical of McClaren and Button about­ getting things Rs about forward....Hammy a street in­ front of Button in the title and Mac give Button the­ speed set up for Spa and Hammy the slower downforce set­ up. I wonder what will happen if it `lags` down­ tomorrow and Hammy catches Button.....will Button be­ the legendary gent that everyone thinks he is and move­ over, or will he do a `Canada` and push Hammy into the­ wall. Seems strange (Not really) that Button suddenly­ gets his act together with all the talk about him­ playing a supporting role for Hammy being so far behind­ him in the title!?!

    From Cheeseburger, on Sat 1 Sep 14:12
  9. Oh well! not to bad.....Maldo will push of Kobayashi­ and Jenson will win...........Come on Hammy come­ through the pack......

    From F1_Faithfull, on Sat 1 Sep 14:06
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Go Porsche.............

    From KX Kid, on Sat 1 Sep 13:49
  11. Go Ferrari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Arul, on Sat 1 Sep 12:54
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