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Brazilian Grand Prix - Qualifying

Saturday November 24, 2012 | Finished

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  1. Massa to take Vettel out on the first corner!

    From OWEN, on Sun 25 Nov 10:12
  2. I expect Ferrari will talk to Massa and do again what­ they did before so as F. Alonso will be a notch higher­ in the starting grid...Is it fair? Let us see the­ reaction of the Brazilian, if they will do it at they­ own turf.

    From Vicente, on Sun 25 Nov 4:43
  3. Would Massa remove the sticker from his gear or engine­ box again so to allow his mate start ahead? Wonder

    From Sunny, on Sat 24 Nov 18:42
  4. what massa needs to do is do a side swipe at vettel .­ Vettel will be alright about it didn't another­ German do that to win the world championship once. now­ what was his name ? hmm :)

    From Paul, on Sat 24 Nov 17:44
  5. I fear for the health of Massas gearbox.

    From Dave, on Sat 24 Nov 17:11
  6. Massa is in front of alonso at the moment watch this­ space spanner in the works again

    From Shafted from every angle, on Sat 24 Nov 16:56
  7. Haamilton fastest in Q1. Q3 not started yet. Get it­ right.

    From LAWRENCE, on Sat 24 Nov 16:28
  8. Massa should have won that. He is a better, more solid,­ calmer and less moody driver.

    From IAIN, on Sat 24 Nov 16:09
  9. i think farari this time they will have 2 work hard not­ 2 get disapointment of massa when he lost on Lewis­ hamilton on home soul.

    From Muhamed, on Wed 21 Nov 12:59
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