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Brazilian Grand Prix - Free Practice 2

Friday November 22, 2013 | Finished

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  1. Right on Hans!

    From Scuderia Conti, on Fri 22 Nov 22:18
  2. Another balls out performance from Button I­ see.........................

    From Hans, on Fri 22 Nov 18:48
  3. I agree with John, if vettel gets the first corner then­ its just a boring race, and I hope that next year it­ gets more interresting and not just a one mand show.we­ had schummi, we dont need another.

    From Peter, on Fri 22 Nov 18:44
  4. Please rain on Sunday.....finish the season with an­ exciting race when we don't know the winner after­ the first corner.

    From John, on Fri 22 Nov 16:44
  5. It's all changing now, they're all coming out­ and posting faster times. It isn't free practice­ that counts though, it's all about who can take­ pole tomorrow and win the race on Sunday. I would like­ to think that Mark will win, but vettel has other ideas­ on that. We will have to wait until the chequered flag­ on Sunday.

    From Rachel Mills, on Fri 22 Nov 16:38
  6. Mark Webber has just gone 2nd quickest in FP2.Looks­ like the rain is easing off a bit now.

    From Rachel Mills, on Fri 22 Nov 16:27
  7. Last race weekend for Cosworth.

    From Red Ears, on Fri 22 Nov 16:08
  8. Is it raining? Of course it is raining! It's­ Brazil! It's November! This race needs to be run in­ July or August.

    From Red Ears, on Fri 22 Nov 15:53
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