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British Grand Prix - Free Practice 2

Friday July 6, 2012 | Finished

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  1. Yeah-It's a great pity about our weather. Me and my­ sons used to go to silverstone in the late ninetys-We­ had two gloriously sunny weekends camped on the­ field-it was fantastic and nowhere else on the racing­ calendar could compare with it's atmosphere. One­ year however it poured down-we were soaked to the skin­ despite being under cover at stowe corner­ (EXPENSIVE-VERY) our car and caravan got bogged down on­ our way off the field. But it was even worse for the­ people who sat on wet grass to watch these­ multi-millionares whizz past at 25.000 a lap. No one­ seems to care about us fan's gettig soaked-being­ ripped off in the extreme with the hot dog van's­ etc and having no proper toilet facilities.They dont­ show that side on sky do they?. And today they are­ telling us (After saving up for a year) Not to turn up­ on there sodden flooded field's. We cant control­ the British weather but it;s usually wet wet­ wet.................Spend some money on proper­ accomodation for the fans----Send the thieving robbing­ unhealthy food vendors packing. If we can all be­ undercover-fed and looked after just a little then we­ once again might flock to watch F1 at Silverstone.­ Otherwise F1 as we Knew it will disapear. It cost us­ more for 3 nights and tickets to get drowned than it­ did for two week;s of glorious sunshine in Spain. Will­ Jensen and lewis care? I THINK NOT.

    From jimmy, on Sat 7 Jul 13:18
  2. I don't know Mark ? Bit of an idiot­ IMO....remarkable how someone could be so dumb­ "Why not let Silverstone be enclosed"

    From Shi, on Fri 6 Jul 19:09
  3. Great job Lewis, and good to see Button in the top­ "6" Action again, let hope he can improve­ more. Idea for silver stone or Bernie Eccleston. Why­ not let Silverstone become the first racing track to­ be enclosed ( uncover) with the British weather that­ would like it more interesting both for the fans and­ the race.

    From Mark C, on Fri 6 Jul 15:44
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