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Canadian Grand Prix - Race

Sunday June 10, 2012 | Finished

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  1. u r really good lewis ,i am a crazy fan of ur . and­ finally u keep my head straight .i belive u can win the­ next singapore race also, keep it­ up....................................

    From samir, on Fri 15 Jun 7:37
  2. congratulate last sunday i know you can do it number 1

    From Jackie, on Tue 12 Jun 12:13
  3. It is nice to see other teams coming up good for Lotus­ and Sauber and of course Hamilton McLaren

    From Brenda Pugh, on Mon 11 Jun 9:58
  4. Delighted at Lewis Hamilton win- a truly gifted and ­ gutsy performance

    From Alan, on Mon 11 Jun 9:46
  5. if there is any consolation for the Ferrari fans, watch­ the movie cars

    From mukungu, on Mon 11 Jun 7:01
  6. I've never been a fan of Michael, but even I would­ like to see him win a race this year.

    From Leila, on Mon 11 Jun 6:40
  7. It's all making for a great season, wonder if­ it'll go 8/8 next race, maybe Schumachers turn?

    From ALEX, on Sun 10 Jun 22:40
  8. Seeking Affluent - this correspondent should not be­ allowed to comment as it is nothing to do with the­ news, in this case F 1 not football!

    From angela, on Sun 10 Jun 22:34
  9. to Alex you are player hater in what way did the cheat­ win we will always rejoice with Hamilton whether he­ wins or not but we will be very greatful and remain his­ loyal fan no matter what you pls do criticise cos the­ more you do the more he does better.

    From victor, on Sun 10 Jun 21:39
  10. hamilton well done for yur win today, you are the best­ there is today in F1our onsistency will give you the­ champion this season

    From victor, on Sun 10 Jun 21:37
  11. Not really a big fan of Hamilton, but it was an­ excellent drive by him and he showed true championship­ potential. Button seems to have lost the plot after a­ strong start to the season, and now looks to be out of­ the title race.

    From nick, on Sun 10 Jun 21:34
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    A cheat wins, shame, congrats to Perez and Grosjean­ great drive

    From A, on Sun 10 Jun 21:29
  13. Great Lewis - You are the most exciting driver on the­ track and due a win, "Well Done"

    From STEWART SMITH, on Sun 10 Jun 21:28
  14. WELL DONE LEWIS HAMILTON!! Seven different winners in­ seven races, who says F1 is boring?

    From Andrew, on Sun 10 Jun 21:09
  15. Wait I must mention my dear friends Alex:­ Idiotabooboo: Touronroute: and all the other Trolls­ outhere.....

    From Earl, on Sun 10 Jun 21:02
  16. The reason why F1 will die if Hamilton stops. The best­ driver sinces Anton Senna.

    From B, on Sun 10 Jun 20:55
  17. keep it up lewis,well done.

    From Kamal, on Sun 10 Jun 20:55
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    it was probably another boring race,, thank god it­ gave way to football on tv

    From Alan K, on Sun 10 Jun 20:51
  19. Well done lewis, what a fantastic result, your back­ with the winners again !! You truely deserved that win,­ mclaren are back ! And with no cheating red bull say no­ more ! Shame id like to have seen alonso get second he­ was brilliant too, i just hope and prey they sort out­ poor buttons problems, he is a true gent and a known­ easy on the car and tyres driver, dont worry he will be­ back, good luck to them all

    From jacky, on Sun 10 Jun 20:50
  20. Big congrats to Perez and Grosjeans fab racers. ­ Goodbye untill next race.

    From Earl, on Sun 10 Jun 20:50
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