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Chinese Grand Prix - Race

Sunday April 15, 2012 | Finished

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  1. aveing watch the full race on bbc then the following­ forum i couldnt belive my eyes and ears t o see and­ hear david couldheart looseing is cool with a little­ chinese guy looking for graph from is scotish idol?this­ guy keeps pokeing me he says to eddy and the thin­ guy,he then turns to the fan and says :cant you see wat­ im doing ?im trying to hold an interview he­ say's,then says to the fan after shoveing his mike­ into the fans face,you got something to say?then he­ walks away moaning to the other two that the fan was­ continually proding him.Come on david is it realor you­ ?in all the years i've watched you in f1 never seen­ youy loose it like that before ,not even wen m­ shuemacker???? ran is car up your chuff all those years­ ago and the way you wer treated by williams bfore you­ went to mcclaren goliday for a month ave yourself a­ break b4 some one gives u a break okmate really do love­ from the beeb ok ...cazzy

    From CAZZY, on Sun 15 Apr 15:59
  2. Wow...16 drivers finishing on the same lap.....really­ close racing

    From Aaron D, on Sun 15 Apr 11:44
  3. excellentce best yet championship still open bbc cover­ has the better tv package but you have to pay for it­ lol

    From Clive, on Sun 15 Apr 10:08
  4. the best race of the year so far great to watch good­ win for Rosberg Vettel did well too after a poor start­ both Button and Hamilton did good as well really­ enjoyed that

    From LFC4LIFE, on Sun 15 Apr 9:58
  5. How excellent was that, would still like to be able to­ watch on tv, this comes a close second to the real­ thing and blood pressure slightly lower. A BIG THANK­ YOU. sheila P.

    From John, on Sun 15 Apr 9:52
  6. this is f1 not a sex show.

    From angela, on Sun 15 Apr 9:48
  7. cheltalec, its in the title believe it or not!!

    From Richard, on Sun 15 Apr 9:47
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    glad that back stabbing button did not win

    From Michael, on Sun 15 Apr 9:41
  9. where is the race!!!!

    From cheltalec, on Sun 15 Apr 9:36
  10. once again hamilton gets put in traffic button put into­ clean air

    From Bagsy, on Sun 15 Apr 9:18
  11. b

    From declan, on Sun 15 Apr 9:16
  12. jb mustard this year i have him 4 titledefo.

    From Justin, on Sun 15 Apr 8:56
  13. How unlucky can Michael Schumacher & Mercedes be?­ FANTASTIC times all weekend..BRILLIANT qualifier..GREAT­ start by both drivers..STUPID error by IDIOT in­ pitlane..Michael's race over..:

    From child protector, on Sun 15 Apr 8:35
  14. Just watched it on HD, amazing pictures from the on­ -car camera. Wish this was available on free-to-air at­ this standard.

    From Senior Moment, on Sun 15 Apr 8:24
  15. DRS stands for DULL RACE SCHEDULE. We all know from lap­ 3 its more or less single file throughout. It just­ sounds adrenaline with commentators shouting and­ sounding like about to pee themselves

    From brad, on Sun 15 Apr 8:12
  16. Hamilton has nothing to lose in this race, GO FOR IT­ BOY!!

    From Michael, on Sun 15 Apr 8:09
  17. come on Jenson !

    From William, on Sun 15 Apr 8:06
  18. Looks cloudy, but looking at Weather Channel, they say­ there should be no rain today. Hopefully we can have a­ good race anyway

    From Scott S, on Sun 15 Apr 8:00
  19. I think any one of 5 teams cars could win this race. It­ will be a cracker of a race. Really looking forward to­ it.

    From Chris Knight, on Sun 15 Apr 7:44
  20. This race gonna be fun cos all the big boyz are not in­ front row .Lets enjoy this race and let the best win­ !!! Cheers

    From Hazard not Kagawa, on Sun 15 Apr 1:35
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