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Chinese Grand Prix - Free Practice 2

Friday April 12, 2013 | Finished

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  1. KAMENI to ROBIN & FUTCHI- Let me remind you of the­ old adage: NICE GUYS COME LAST!! When you compete, you­ need the application of the WWII Red Baron- Like­ Michael SChumacher- You drive to win, You can­ appologize later, but the points will remain! I am not­ against Kimi, I just think there are better drivers and­ let me remind you, he has a reputation for partying­ hard with girls, so far fron being able to stand the­ female hype, he is at the forefront of it, Like we all­ would like to be!! If the team belonged to you, which­ driver would you employ? THE WINNER OR THE NICE GUY?

    From Kameni, on Sat 13 Apr 9:17
  2. Kimi is a great driver though off the track a little­ laid back. He is good for F1 and fantastic compared­ with egotistic Vettel. We really miss Baracello who­ always supported his team and was a real sportsman, a­ bit like Jenson.

    From Robin Meakins, on Fri 12 Apr 10:32
  3. must disagree Kameni - Kimi is the best thing ever to­ happen to F1 - he cannot stand all the glitz, the­ glamour girls, the media hype and the even the money­ involved. He just likes to race, get drunk with his­ mates afterwards and put two fingers up to the whole­ scene. But he's the coolest driver since Ronnie­ Petersen who thought pretty much the same of the sport.­ And he's the best driver ever in his age group.

    From Futchi, on Fri 12 Apr 10:01

    From lusu, on Fri 12 Apr 7:05
  5. The facts show that Vettel is the Fastest F1 driver.­ That is all that matters, All of us have our­ favourites, but that is not the point of F1. Most of­ you like Raikonen, Personally I can't stand him. He­ has no personality and will single handedly kill F1.­ Lewis is controversial, but he makes F1 worth watching!

    From Kameni, on Thu 11 Apr 12:47
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