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European Grand Prix - Qualifying

Saturday June 23, 2012 | Finished

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  1. you r the man lewis ,u could beat any one whyn't­ vetel ,alonson & bla..this valencia is urs­ ..........................

    From Samir, on Sun 24 Jun 5:56
  2. Good show from Paul DI resta this guy is really leading­ that team from the front again, I would have liked to­ see him race with Sutil for just one more year because­ beating Adrian S would have improved his stock no ends,­ I think Schumacher and Mercedes will part company next­ year and with the relationship that Paul has with­ Mercedes (wining D.T.M with them) he should get that­ drive or maybe Lewis will go to Ferrari (maybe not) or­ if he goes to Red-Bull (more likely Webber wont be­ there) Paul could go to McLaren. Any come on you Britis­ All of you!!!!!!!

    From Matt, on Sat 23 Jun 19:53
  3. Or maybe youre too young,nieve or just stupid !!

    From RUTH, on Sat 23 Jun 18:55
  4. Neil a How can you hope anyone crashes!!!­ remember Senna!!!

    From RUTH, on Sat 23 Jun 18:53
  5. come on hamilton

    From RUTH, on Sat 23 Jun 18:51

    From neill a, on Sat 23 Jun 18:30
  7. what you doin Button ? sort yourself out man !!!!!!!!!!­ thats awful man you need a chat in the miror some time­ soon or your going to blow it ,,,, really hope you dont­ but the numbers dont lie !!!!!!!!!

    From Mark, on Sat 23 Jun 16:52
  8. Button choked again...what is going on with him! Even­ getting help from Lewis' team didn't help....

    From nick, on Sat 23 Jun 14:39
  9. Wow this season's F1 is really proven to be­ unpredictable. Hopefully Lewis H. can produce the same­ outstanding performance like the Canadian GP 2 weeks­ ago for tomorrow race but I won't mind if a new­ Driver wins it making it the 8 different winner.

    From Nero M, on Sat 23 Jun 14:34
  10. LH will win this one.

    From F8HRrz8B, on Sat 23 Jun 14:11
  11. Even though Lewis crew was by Button crew still He­ couldnt manage 3rd or 4th. very poor guy

    From Hazard not Kagawa, on Sat 23 Jun 14:11
  12. JB went to LW crew and got then same set up and­ con't help him

    From Martin F, on Sat 23 Jun 14:06
  13. Yet again Schumacher out qualified by Rosberg what­ excuses will he come up with this time when is he going­ to realise he is over the hill and let a young driver­ have the seat he is blocking.

    From yahoo user, on Sat 23 Jun 14:05

    From Eurocup, on Sat 23 Jun 12:50
  15. Cant wait, this season is throwing up a real good mix,­ which makes a change from just seein the top 3 on the­ grid and winning everything. This year i'm sure­ will win a lot more fans, dam exciting stuff. Being a­ Brit, i still route for Jensen and Lewis, BUT, its nice­ to see good challenges from all sorts you wouldnt­ normally expect. Im hooked, hope you are too.

    From Pete, on Sat 23 Jun 9:51
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