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Hungarian Grand Prix - Race

Sunday July 28, 2013 | Finished

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  1. Am I missing something? Why does Yahoo Sport not have­ a post race summary? What happened at the post race­ stewards inquiry? Yahoo seems to switch off completely­ after the chequered flag.

    From John M, on Tue 6 Aug 9:22
  2. Now that Lewis has won a race quite handily many people­ will realise what has been obvious all along; the­ Mercede is a very good car and up to now Lewis has been­ under-performing big time. Any driver who performs at­ his peak in only one out of every 4 - 8 races is not­ someone who should be rated 'great'. So, calm­ down folks and let's hope a good tight race for F1­ honours is in front of us.

    From Eamon, on Mon 29 Jul 17:05
  3. And now 26 days without a car touching a track... an­ eternity of press silliness.

    From Red Ears, on Sun 28 Jul 18:22
  4. So happy for you Lewis. a well deserved win after all­ those disappointments this year. Upwards and onwards ?

    From Lola, on Sun 28 Jul 16:20
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    You plonkers vettal is still the best agianst the go­ kart kid

    From P, on Sun 28 Jul 16:09
  6. Is it my browser or is todays result still missing in­ the standings?

    From Myriam, on Sun 28 Jul 15:59
  7. great drive Lewis, you are definitely back, and back­ stronger...

    From Adelain, on Sun 28 Jul 15:11
  8. . . .did you see crafty Jen holding Vet up??. . . give­ him points !!

    From ock-hi, on Sun 28 Jul 15:04
  9. What a turn around for Mercedes this year.

    From Allen, on Sun 28 Jul 14:59
  10. Now that shows who best driver is , Lewis of course who­ else. Seb. Vet could not take him.

    From P, on Sun 28 Jul 14:54
  11. good race for kimi ,points out of vettel and alonso ,­ but questions will be asked about grosjean again

    From peter, on Sun 28 Jul 14:53
  12. Hamilton's record in Hungary: 4 Poles, 4 Wins­ consecutively. Not bad eh. Well Done Lewis

    From Steveh, on Sun 28 Jul 14:53
  13. Well done Lewis, it was only a matter of time! Great­ drive.

    From Gill, on Sun 28 Jul 14:52
  14. Well done Lewis! Fantastic win....

    From Brian, on Sun 28 Jul 14:51
  15. Agreed Paul, Wanksalot and Potter gone missing? busy­ crying on each others shoulder

    From Richard, on Sun 28 Jul 14:50
  16. Well done Lewis and Kimi ;D vettel Christian will kiss­ it better for you later

    From Cliff, on Sun 28 Jul 14:50
  17. vettel you******************************

    From gerry, on Sun 28 Jul 14:49
  18. Lewis Hamilton knows how to silence the doubters. Great­ win !!!

    From Ben, on Sun 28 Jul 14:48
  19. Well done Lewis you truly are a champion

    From James, on Sun 28 Jul 14:48
  20. Well Done Lewis

    From MARK, on Sun 28 Jul 14:48
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