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Indian Grand Prix - Qualifying

Saturday October 27, 2012 | Finished

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  1. It is pretty difficult in professional sports to crest­ at the right time specially when is a Team Sport like­ F1. I give credit to the Toro Rosso Team for improving­ and refining the Art of Enginiering in their cars, of­ course Sebastian has been driving flawless Bravo!

    From Socrates, on Sat 27 Oct 16:25
  2. How anyone could say Red Bull­ dominating....boring...clearly just tuned in ... this­ season has been incredible and it ain't over yet!­ Kudos to Massa for another year on the horse and Avante­ Alonso!

    From FC, on Sat 27 Oct 14:59
  3. Clearly Red Bull Racing has mastered the"2012­ formula" as the season has progressed. Their­ constructor points lead is due to the most two car­ strong finishes. This is a very different route than­ their total domination of 2011. I wouldn't consider­ this a boring season in any way.

    From 951timeless, on Sat 27 Oct 14:20
  4. I'm so sorry that Alonso has a poor car. If he had­ a RedBull the things would have been different

    From Andrey, on Sat 27 Oct 12:06
  5. @Sandra Brown, i fully agree with you. if McLaren has­ seb and/or alonso, they would have already dominated­ majority of this year's races. But then again, i­ think, you will still find it boring.

    From JEFIYA, on Sat 27 Oct 11:35
  6. Looking at the line up I am wondering who will be the­ first to be bumped out Button or Hamilton being­ sandwich between red bull and ferrari, will not be­ watching it is getting soooo boring, I think every­ driver should change teams every two years and then we­ would see who is the best driver. and it would make the­ championship more interesting!!!

    From SANDRA BROWN, on Sat 27 Oct 11:04
  7. Go Seb, give us a "boring" race tomorrow!

    From JEFIYA, on Sat 27 Oct 10:39
  8. Well that's Webber out of the race early now.

    From Brucie, on Sat 27 Oct 10:34
  9. red bull dominating again. boring.

    From Gary, on Sat 27 Oct 10:16
  10. A Red Bull 1 -2 in qualifying and "Arrivederci,­ Alonso!" on Sunday.

    From Red Ears, on Fri 26 Oct 22:16
  11. I like Winning Final Fernando Alonso - Ferrari On­ 28.10.2012....... From Amith G. Saldanha

    From Amith, on Mon 24 Sep 7:00
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