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Sunday October 28, 2012 | Finished

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  1. well ,from where I sit,,,Kimi has done as good a job­ as Alonso,,,,inferior car,,,,as with the Ferrari ­ but Kimi,,has been out of top flight for 2­ years,,,Webber Hamilton Button,,can only look ahead to­ see him,,,next year,,,,,Kimi and Alonso Vettle,,will be­ the way the championship will play out,,

    From Jimmy, on Mon 29 Oct 11:11
  2. The reasons that F1 is on the decline are several. ­ 1. Same group of guys keep on winning 2. Unless you­ are one of the big 3 teams you stand next ot chance in­ winning unless there a load of accidents. 3. DRS and­ KERS are tools that give inferior cars a abetter chance­ than they deserve. F1 racing should be about the­ chassis, the engine and the driver. If one of those are­ lacking then the team should get it deserves without­ the sistance of artificial aids. 4. It's too­ expensive to spend a day at the racetrack 5. The­ drivers are a bunch of pampered babies 6. Many of the­ new tracks, aside from Abu Dhabi, are uninspiring.

    From Gerry, on Sun 28 Oct 15:12
  3. Modern tracks, no risk - no skill. Is it any wonder­ nobody cares about F1 anymore

    From LEE, on Sun 28 Oct 13:46
  4. another boring victory for vettel do awaywith this tyre­ controling type racing bring back full pit stops let­ every driver drive their car to the max .

    From BRIAN, on Sun 28 Oct 12:16
  5. too manny chocolates here they talk about hammy,,

    From peter_clare, on Sun 28 Oct 11:54
  6. why is every1 chatting for hammy,,, did he win?? why is­ all about him?

    From peter_clare, on Sun 28 Oct 11:52
  7. Goodbye Button from the WDC and Lotus from the WCC.

    From Red Ears, on Sun 28 Oct 11:43
  8. jefiya another one of the not paying attention brigade­ how far back was Lewis in comparision to Alonso? Also­ did you not hear Red Bull told Mark it would come back?­ of course not ... Webbers car was righted by the time­ Lewis got closer ...

    From Earl, on Sun 28 Oct 11:27
  9. Mcdumbutt is that why Button was back of the pack and­ the time came when the leaders were positioning for a­ grandstand finnish of which alas Button was not part­ of? Why oh Why cant Vettel navigate amongst the pack?­ .. Simples a simulator driver only trains for clean­ air...

    From Earl, on Sun 28 Oct 11:24
  10. Alonso was able to overtake the crippled Webber. How­ come Lewis couldn't even if the McLaren is faster­ than the Ferrari? Hmm, must have been the steering­ wheel. Yeah, right!

    From JEFIYA, on Sun 28 Oct 11:20
  11. Go Seb! Give them 3 more "boring" races!

    From JEFIYA, on Sun 28 Oct 11:18
  12. All electronic wizardry it will come out one day !! It­ is always the same srategy by Red Bull every effort to­ qualify in front ! if the car is so superior why all­ the effort to be in pole? in qulifying the they are not­ 6-7 secs ahead of the rest but come race and they are ?­ on the first lap? Well done to Alonso and most of all­ to Lewis , Great drive with a non performimng car once­ again Showing Button the way!! if only you had another­ lap .., podium.... maybe the steering change cost you­ time on track.. Hmm

    From Earl, on Sun 28 Oct 11:14
  13. vettel wins,shock horror .shame hamilton couldnt get­ 3rd but that rb is quick in those fast corners and­ mclaren mess up his gearing.good alonso got 2nd make­ championship more interesting.vettel has to be odds on­ to win the next 3 races,though hamilton is pretty good­ around abu dhabi

    From Breda, on Sun 28 Oct 11:09
  14. alonso is the best drivert veetle just needs a good­ car

    From warrockr, on Sun 28 Oct 11:09
  15. Schumacher is very nearly back to where he started.­ What a disappointment he has been.

    From Red Ears, on Sun 28 Oct 11:01
  16. Yes Alonso.....................keep this championship­ alive.......Well done. Come on Hamilton, take Webber­ also....

    From F1_Faithfull, on Sun 28 Oct 10:48
  17. hamilton destroying button,shame about the start should­ of put alonso and button in their place,but mclaren­ again mess up with both cars,kimi is the same.wrong­ gearing for 7th

    From Breda, on Sun 28 Oct 10:31
  18. Dull race so far...

    From Pirate, on Sun 28 Oct 10:30
  19. First in order to beat the field you first have to BEAT­ your team mate and i see Lewis is leading Mc driver­ again !!

    From Earl, on Sun 28 Oct 10:27
  20. Mcdermott I think you are a bit jealous of Lewis !! ­ Get real you are just a hater without meritt they are­ all great drivers and Lewis is top of the tree thats­ all now go find something to take away your bitterness,

    From Earl, on Sun 28 Oct 10:23
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