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Indian Grand Prix - Qualifying

Saturday October 26, 2013 | Finished

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  1. What article there's nothing here

    From ARTHUR, on Sat 26 Oct 22:30

    From Sunny, on Sat 26 Oct 21:50
  3. Vettel drives off leaving the 21 slower drivers to mix­ it up. Maybe Hulkenberg gets a podium?

    From Red Ears, on Sat 26 Oct 14:33
  4. give vettel his due, webber (who is a very fast multi­ gp winner) cannot get near him or the merc,s for that­ matter, wether you like him or not ,he is special

    From peter, on Sat 26 Oct 12:24
  5. Come on Caterham, you can do better than that.

    From Focus, on Sat 26 Oct 11:30
  6. Get used to it, as you say even one of the pit crew­ could qualify on pole and as all the other­ manufacturers have give up on this year and are­ concentrating on next season it's just a parade to­ the end.

    From clymet, on Sat 26 Oct 10:56
  7. Once again, Red Bull's unbeatable car is the­ difference between the teams - apparently, Vettel was­ tired so one of the pit crew jumped in the car for the­ final qualifying lap. The other teams need to work­ harder on developing a car that can catch the Red Bull­ or F1 is going to get even more boring.

    From Reg King, on Sat 26 Oct 10:46
  8. Can we just abandon the rest of the season and­ concentrate on getting the cars race ready to beat Red­ Bull next season

    From , on Sat 26 Oct 10:38
  9. Nice air!

    From Red Ears, on Sat 26 Oct 10:16
  10. A tyre that won't last 10 miles - total nonsense.

    From WILLIAM, on Sat 26 Oct 10:16
  11. BORINGGGGG !!!!!

    From Sunny, on Sat 26 Oct 9:58
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