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Sunday September 9, 2012 | Finished

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  1. DID any body catch Massa placing 4th in this last race­ Great job

    From ANTOINNE, on Tue 18 Sep 4:28

    From JRH, on Mon 10 Sep 2:01
  3. well done lewis and sorry for button as it was one two­ win for them, surprise for the drive througth for­ vettel this is not good from the stewards, he does­ nothing wrong bad judgement.

    From Ernest, on Sun 9 Sep 16:32
  4. i get the feeling he would get a lot more praise if he­ wasnt such a complete tool away from the track. it­ should just be about his driving but he doesnt do­ himself any favours. he needs someone around him to­ check everything he says before anyone else can here­ it, cause every time he opens his mouth or taps his­ keyboard he comes out with some utter dribble. good­ driver though.

    From The Master, on Sun 9 Sep 15:34
  5. alonso and perez best drivers today

    From warrockr, on Sun 9 Sep 14:59
  6. Well done lewis, theyve been beating you up all week,­ that showed them !!!!! Congratulations youve won again,­ sorry for jenson button another great british driver,­ but if theres any justice for last week when lewis and­ alonso didnt get any points, the red bull boys didnt­ this week, back on an even playing field again.senna­ well done too, i hope one day youl be as good as ayrton­ was he was and still is a true legend.all i can say is­ well done to every driver for giving us all a great­ race, and no one got hurt, i love f1, have since i was­ a little girl, im 50 now and still love every race, i­ dont like the bad name calling, we can all suport our­ favourite drivers, but it takes more than 1 to make a­ race, .kimi coming back has been fantastic, and michael­ schumacher well he has shown at 40 he can drive like­ the champion he already was, good luck and cant wait­ till the next race.

    From jacky, on Sun 9 Sep 14:55
  7. A great drive for Alonso and btw for the people who­ said vettel dosent deserve the drive through penalty­ than grosjaen dosent deserve it to because both made­ the same thing.And a great drive from Hamilton and­ Perez who was running on a clever strategy.

    From Jordi, on Sun 9 Sep 14:50
  8. @shirley and the other Hamilton haters, you need a life­ - he will win the championship no matter what you think­ - Go Lewis, GO Button

    From G, on Sun 9 Sep 14:49

    From Michael Corleone, on Sun 9 Sep 14:48
  10. I suppose they had to let that twit Hamilton win or he­ would have a hissy fit. At least I havent got watch it­ tonight-.Lets hope he goes into the blue and we can get­ back to real drivbers winning bot jumped up p-------s

    From shirley, on Sun 9 Sep 14:46
  11. Massa, slow down, alonso is behind you. massa, speed­ up, alonso is ahead.

    From Michael Corleone, on Sun 9 Sep 14:41
  12. It hurts the Hamilton haters to see him win - great win­ Lewis, let your driving do the talking

    From G, on Sun 9 Sep 14:41
  13. That examplified the sheer brilliance this weekend of­ Lewis Hamilton. He has to be one of the best, if not­ the best, drivers at this time. I am currently watching­ the podium awards and the crowds are booing. FFS what­ the hell is all that about. There must be some real­ racists out there who simply cannot or will not­ appreciate what a great driver Hamilton is. And Brundle­ is one of the worst. Nothing, but nothing impresses­ Brundle enough for commendation.

    From Frankie Pcboards, on Sun 9 Sep 14:38
  14. now i need the scha scha let me drink some wll done 3­ of yall

    From collins, on Sun 9 Sep 14:38
  15. Last 3 races have been Mclaren pole positions and­ Mclaren wins. It looks good for the run-in!

    From IGotMyAssBeatByTheVietCong, on Sun 9 Sep 14:38
  16. shame Vettel is out, needed him to close the gap on­ Alonso but hey ho, Lewis is the man AGAIN

    From PAUL, on Sun 9 Sep 14:37
  17. I thought that was a pretty harsh penalty on Vettel­ especially considering the circumstances of a year ago­ in the same corner. Although in the end it didn't­ matter. That's about 40 points that alternator­ has caused Vettel this year. At least Perez had a­ great race.

    From Bill K, on Sun 9 Sep 14:33
  18. alonso allowing perez passing him very easy just shows­ the bad new points system is ... back to the old system­ 10-6-4-3-2-1 ... points were quite valuable and every­ driver would fight his life for a single point ... !!

    From , on Sun 9 Sep 14:30
  19. Superb Ham. Do your talking on track

    From willif1, on Sun 9 Sep 14:30
  20. A great drive from Lewis, well done

    From , on Sun 9 Sep 14:29
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