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Japanese Grand Prix - Free Practice 1

Friday October 5, 2012 | Finished

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  1. Irishson. #$%$ are you on? You talk like Ali G. grow up­ you silly little leprechaun.innit.

    From Big Lad, on Sat 6 Oct 19:36
  2. @ big lad Oh finally u confused­ that u retired ..Its good so far...Now we diagnose­ that u have mental problem and u should start your­ psychiatric sessions but plz u need to promise me to­ get the treatment on time so we can fix your useless­ mind

    From irishson, on Sat 6 Oct 15:31
  3. Irsih son, you are right i can't comprehend what­ you say. Only because you can't spell quite a few­ of the things you want to get across. Once again, this­ must be because you're a thick tinker from the­ green isle. It must be very sad being you.

    From Big Lad, on Sat 6 Oct 5:53
  4. @ Neil Armstrong u prove yourself that u r the­ dumpiest person who has a yahoo account ..F1 is a­ competent sport I can go back to football cause­ It's great sport but u need to go back to­ psychiatric hospital cause u have a sever lack of­ comprehension

    From irishson, on Sat 6 Oct 5:12
  5. @ big lad well Jonson was faster than him in spa but if­ u look back at the drivers table u can simply tell who­ is better unless u r dump enough which I think u are

    From irishson, on Sat 6 Oct 5:08
  6. Neil Armstrong you're a #$%$, Irish son well you are­ irish so obviously stupid. When Jenson was faster than­ him at Spa Hamilton tweeted all the data comparisons­ because he was sulking. When i see him being­ interviewed with 2 diamond earrings he looks a #$%$. He­ is the one who couldn't stand the people in the street­ asking for his autograph, then moved to Switzerland. I­ hate him, especially the Ali g. comment At Monte Carlo.­ Any of you live in Cheshire we can get together and­ discuss it.

    From Big Lad, on Sat 6 Oct 0:11
  7. I think you'll find the intention is for Hamilton­ to drive a Mercedes delivery van.

    From PAUL A, on Fri 5 Oct 20:44
  8. hamilton will do well at mercedes. but PEREZ was a­ good choice for mclaren and will go far with the team­ and got button for support GRAET CHOICE MCLAREN

    From , on Fri 5 Oct 20:18
  9. he,finished simple as

    From John, on Fri 5 Oct 10:36
  10. Little twit, that is what you must be as irishson said­ he is top class in a competitive sport,not some minor­ twerp like you go back to football or whatever!

    From Neil Armstrong, on Fri 5 Oct 8:53
  11. @ big lad do u know him in person??and even tho he is­ not gonna b your mother bf he is still top class driver­ !!

    From irishson, on Fri 5 Oct 5:09
  12. Hamilton is such a churlish, petulant and selfish­ person. He won't be missed. Good riddance to ali g.

    From Big Lad, on Fri 5 Oct 3:49
  13. Lewis will take Mercedes to the top.

    From John, on Fri 5 Oct 2:48
  14. it's such a shame to see Lewis Hamilton go from Mc­ Laren.

    From , on Thu 4 Oct 17:46
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