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Japanese Grand Prix - Qualifying

Saturday October 6, 2012 | Finished

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  1. C'mon Alonso!!!!!

    From Krzysztof, on Thu 11 Oct 9:31
  2. Hope Vettle wins I think he is exciting to watch like­ the younger Shumacher.

    From Syd, on Sun 7 Oct 6:48
  3. As long as 'The Whinging Spanial' does not win­ the title i don't care---but through choice i'd­ like to see Webber get it if he can get some more speed­ from his car-----but I know that will be me dreaming­ again shame though

    From Tony, on Sun 7 Oct 1:35
  4. there is no I in TEAM....hamilton is not a team player­ his actions over the last two seasons speak volumes..!!­ sorry but he wont b me anyway...!

    From Gerard H, on Sat 6 Oct 20:43
  5. You folks doing the McLaren bashing about­ Hamilton's poor Q3 might do well to remember the­ Manufacturer's Championship. If McLaren scuppers­ Hamilton's title hopes they simultaneously scuppe4r­ their own.

    From John Barringer, on Sat 6 Oct 14:42
  6. How it will go tomorrow: Vettel wins, Webber 2nd, Perez­ 3rd, Alonso 4th, Kobayashi and Grojean crash each other­ at Turn 1 and collect Button, Hamilton fades to P11 or­ lower, point for Massa, 2 points for DiResta. The rest?­ pffft...

    From Red Ears, on Sat 6 Oct 13:00
  7. So much for McLaren ethos of fairness i.e. equal­ support for both drivers. Ron is a Bitter man at the­ moment.

    From JAYANTILAL, on Sat 6 Oct 9:53
  8. Roman, So the car being sub from the off is irrelevant­ ??.....You have no argument, hence the swearing.

    From Roger, on Sat 6 Oct 9:42
  9. Would you stop it already ? Can you guys eve read ? On­ Lewis's fast lap Raikonen graveled his car and­ Lewis had to slow down for yellow flags. That's­ why his time is so much of Button and not because of­ car set-up or a bad car. You are just fu*king annoying­ conspiracy theorists. Fu*king idiots.

    From Roman, on Sat 6 Oct 7:51
  10. why do some of you assume that it is McLaren doing this­ to Lewis? They have far more to loose than he does now,­ in a position where he can no longer win the­ championship.. was he ever going to do so again anyway?­ From his point of view now he would rather get Mercedes­ further up the construction tables so there is more­ money for his new team. Neither can you blame McLaren­ if they now favour the loyal member of the team.

    From Gill, on Sat 6 Oct 7:39
  11. why..........why............why..............mclaren...­ .........why.?

    From iyke, on Sat 6 Oct 7:30
  12. LH is just getting used to starting mid-grid, which is­ he will be next year in fatso Haug's team. Hamilton­ is following David Beckham into letting his sport­ become second place in his life. Sad, very sad,

    From David, on Sat 6 Oct 7:28
  13. McLaren not allowing recent events to influence their­ performance I see..... Jokers...Move on Lewis.

    From Roger, on Sat 6 Oct 7:11
  14. Hamilton 1.5 sec off the pace,and more tellingly,a­ whole sec off Buttons pace. Since when is Lewis this­ slow? STRANGE,VERY STRANGE.

    From gerald, on Sat 6 Oct 7:11
  15. Well that was not exciting, I knew Hamilton's car­ would all of a sudden not be good, He should just write­ of this season and get ready to move. Why all of a­ sudden is it so bad....Hmmmmm! OK. What happened to­ Alonso , I so don't want Vettel to win the drivers­ title , or Red bull the constructors.

    From F1_Faithfull, on Sat 6 Oct 7:11
  16. Come on Maclaren, good to see if Hamilton.......can­ make pole. But I think Vettel has this covered...sadly.

    From F1_Faithfull, on Sat 6 Oct 6:54
  17. Flags out, just when things were getting real­ interesting!!

    From Ryan D, on Sat 6 Oct 6:26
  18. Lets see if the Red Bulls can dominate qualifying like­ they did practice. Will we see Alonso and Hamilton­ fight back?? Will Raikonen improve??Interesting­ session.

    From Ryan D, on Sat 6 Oct 6:02
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