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Korean Grand Prix - Qualifying

Saturday October 13, 2012 | Finished

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  1. F.Alonso will win,l hope.

    From nizam, on Thu 10 Oct 6:56
  2. The yellow flag during pole position race is stupid ! ­ Drivers should not be penalised for going for pole !It­ should mean take care but keep going - if there is a­ serious problem it should be a red flag ! The yellow­ gives room for cheating - I go off to protect my ­ partners position -F1 drivers need to keep the throttle­ open -let them make the decision not outdated rules !

    From john, on Sat 13 Oct 22:23
  3. Thought Mclarens qualifing was rubbish. Lewis just­ scaped in, in qualifying 3 then Jenson makes a hash of­ qualifing 2. Jenson obviously wasn't safe on his­ 1st run then leaves it to the last minute on his­ second. The fact there was a yellow flag was no excuse.­ I thought it was pathetic and those responsible need a­ big kick up the backside.

    From t, on Sat 13 Oct 18:25
  4. Look for Schumacher, Button, Kobayashi and Maldonado to­ come together at Turn 1. Michael gets a 1 race­ suspension for causing it when he turns into Jenson.

    From Red Ears, on Sat 13 Oct 16:33
  5. F.Alonso will win,l hope.

    From nizam, on Sat 13 Oct 15:52
  6. The grid doesn't get wonky until P7. Too many­ crashers after that and Button is stuck in the midst of­ it. Turn 1 should be interesting.

    From Red Ears, on Sat 13 Oct 12:49
  7. Should Grosjean be allowed to start? He's had more­ of a significant impact on who wins the title and the­ points distribution than any other driver in the field.­ Do you think any team should offer him a drive next­ year?

    From Ronsenglish, on Sat 13 Oct 10:23
  8. Touron, Vettel to take the lead on the WDC this­ weekend, you know it will happen

    From PAUL, on Sat 13 Oct 9:40
  9. alonso is the ONLY one can really beat VETTLE , he.s­ the best

    From Farhood, on Sat 13 Oct 9:20
  10. poor button always crying

    From Ernest, on Sat 13 Oct 7:44
  11. where is this button he always say he is the number­ one, to win u have to be in front roll always.

    From Ernest, on Sat 13 Oct 7:42
  12. Well done Hamilton 1st of the normal cars.... and­ out-qualifying your team mate once again!! Lets hope­ Mclaren respond to public scrutany and not meddle with­ your race disadvantageously....

    From Earl, on Sat 13 Oct 7:11
  13. alonso is shity

    From Nadim, on Fri 12 Oct 20:26
  14. C'mon Alonso! Only u can win with Vettel!

    From Krzysztof, on Fri 12 Oct 10:10
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