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Sunday October 14, 2012 | Finished

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  1. Looks to be down to Vettel, Alonso and Raikkonen for­ the WDC. Hamilton, Webber and Button are pretty much­ toast.

    From Red Ears, on Sun 14 Oct 20:09
  2. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show usual

    From michel, on Sun 14 Oct 12:03
  3. Heading for another final race decider between Alonso­ and Vettel? My money's on Vettel.

    From Alisdair, on Sun 14 Oct 11:38
  4. boringggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg­ gggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    From Philip, on Sun 14 Oct 9:00
  5. webber you joke have you no respect for yourself. go on­ be that arrogant pricks #$%$.

    From Sarah, on Sun 14 Oct 8:59
  6. Another performance drop from mclaren. Coincidence?­ Cant be that everything falls apart in the end. They­ have lost Lewis the championship the title. If you do­ the Math and add all the points theyve lost him on pits­ stops and bad qualifying decisions,it works out as­ Lewis being right up there fighting for the title. With­ lesser cars,at least at the beggining of the­ season,teams are are doing what mclaren cant do with­ the best car(on average). Something wrong there.

    From gerald, on Sun 14 Oct 8:49
  7. Webber is the least deserving of a podium the yellow­ bellied yield to Vettel at the first corner was very­ evident that he is the propper number 2 in all terms!!­ I have lost a lot respect for him!!

    From Earl, on Sun 14 Oct 8:47
  8. what a boring race

    From warrockr, on Sun 14 Oct 8:44
  9. Sorry to Massa for the typo ....

    From Earl, on Sun 14 Oct 8:44
  10. Maasa my driver of the day Congrats to all the­ Podiumites and the Biggest congrats to Lewis for­ putting up with the Mclaren CHARADE!!!!­ S:::H:::A:::M:::E:::F:::U:::L indeed

    From Earl, on Sun 14 Oct 8:43
  11. Pete with your ignorance you must be discrete!! Mclaren­ is powered by Mercedes and next year they will not have­ a very competent Driver to develop their car....­ Mercedes has that driver now so they will not be­ sharing technology secrets with Mclaren as the are now­ a fully fleged customer team now ... Ignorance is­ bliss.

    From Earl, on Sun 14 Oct 8:36
  12. I wonder if Ross brawn still thinks he's picked up­ a bargain.

    From philip d, on Sun 14 Oct 8:32
  13. Earl.......People were saying he was moving for money!­ Bull! There was & is obviously other deeper reasons­ why he left. And judging by Mclarens performance and­ actions which at times seem very one sided.....I­ don't blame him for moving and his actions­ sometimes, which sometimes seem a bit over the top. But­ obviously stored up emotions over the years are showing­ through now. I'm glad he is leaving for his new­ start....Good Luck to him..

    From F1_Faithfull, on Sun 14 Oct 8:32
  14. Ferrari foolish to hold back Massi if he could catch­ Webber this is to their advantage as it would slow­ Webber Alowing Alonso to close up & possibly pass­ as well???

    From Neil Armstrong, on Sun 14 Oct 8:21
  15. Massa will not be allowed to pass Alonso - Hammy­ remains down the pack much time on twitter on­ turn 3 Missed Hulkenberg take you!! Next year­ Mercedes will have the right driver for a slow car -­ so no problem with the pecking order.... Come on­ Vettel you have the race all finished

    From Pete, on Sun 14 Oct 8:19
  16. I fear this is what Mclaren fans will be faced with­ next year !! A team in decline, poeple are blaming­ Lewis but it is all down to Whitmarsh and his inability­ to lead!! Maybe all the anger meted out to Lewis over­ the years will finally be directed at the right person­ this time... Lewis decision is starting to look­ inspired indeed.

    From Earl, on Sun 14 Oct 8:07
  17. End of qualifying seeing Hamilton eye-ing up the Red­ Bull of Webber for a good while, thinking Dam! what do­ I have to do to beat this car.....Lol. Give Red Bull­ credit, if there upgrades are all legal, Dam fast car.

    From F1_Faithfull, on Sun 14 Oct 8:04
  18. Mclaren, Mclaren, Mclaren.................I as a Hammy­ fan am glad he is leaving.

    From F1_Faithfull, on Sun 14 Oct 7:58
  19. Red Bulls pace is blistering fast!! How can any other­ F1 team catch up with them?? I am not sure whether­ it's a set of technological upgrades or else but­ they are blastering the track again with 1-2. Gosh!!

    From Sunny, on Sun 14 Oct 7:53
  20. Propper racer is Lewis Hamilton!! always shows GUTS !!­ If only his team can give him the car!

    From Earl, on Sun 14 Oct 7:47
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