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Monaco Grand Prix - Race

Sunday May 27, 2012 | Finished

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  1. O why does shumac just not stop as he now has become­ a bit of a embaresment to all who­ remembered him from the past, also his team manager­ must by now feel that he will just­ have to go before he causes a major accident

    From gregor c, on Thu 31 May 2:45
  2. this track is good for dogs race only where you see­ overtaking atleast

    From Khirin, on Mon 28 May 22:50
  3. Most boring race track. Next time just do d qualifying­ as the one who goes on pole always wins

    From migs fernando, on Mon 28 May 21:05
  4. MONACO is an outdated track. Its to small and narrow­ for these cars. Its way to hard to pass. You have to­ win this race in qualifying. Look at Button he had a­ much faster car and still couldn't get by and when­ he tried he crashed. It is a legendary track but its­ time to do something. Its like racing a motorcross bike­ on a BMX track.

    From jamie, on Mon 28 May 19:29
  5. Yo Yo grow up! Schumacker doing something you­ don't understand. It's called racing.

    From kent, on Mon 28 May 16:46
  6. Wondering what is it that Schumi said he still got?

    From mike, on Mon 28 May 6:47
  7. Ok race - well done webs - but when are they going to­ ban that dangerous prat Shumacher? I had some respect­ for him when he was at the top of his game....but­ he's shamed himself like an old man trying to shag­ an 18 year old. You've had your time and you were a­ winner ... move over and let the young guns get their­ pieces in the game!

    From YoYo, on Sun 27 May 21:43
  8. Ed - 92 - should be about.......wouldn't want to­ miss the race or an opportunity to take on the thought­ police

    From Tarka, on Sun 27 May 21:00
  9. Two weeks ago it was Hamilton deserved to win Monaco.­ He got what he deserved by driving the race.

    From Dusty, on Sun 27 May 20:34
  10. I guess I must have watched a different race from the­ "bored" viewers in here. The top 10­ haven't been the same so far this season, yes,­ occasionally parts of the race are a bit of a­ procession, but not as often as many past seasons, and­ I've seen very few F1 races where the last 10 laps­ were as close and as tense as they were this year.­ Monaco has produced more exciting racing and surprise­ results than many of the bigger circuits, most of which­ have been made really boring in the last 5 years by Mr.­ Tilke and his banker Bernie. I've see most of the­ Monaco GP's since they've been televised, which­ is longer than some of the whiners in here have been­ alive. If you don't like what you're seeing,­ turn off your TV and find something to do in the­ garden, just shut up about "boring" racing,­ and drivers' colour. You are the ones who are not­ just bored, but also boring.

    From canuk1938, on Sun 27 May 19:27
  11. what is wrong with you people Monaco may be kinda­ boring "procession" someone say but it is­ the oldest and the hardest track in the calendar it is­ about tradition and glamour it with F1 since Ferrari­ ....... the begining !? :) have to stay only track­ with free practice on thursday that is exceptional ­ have to stay ... ofc they can try to improve it :) if­ possible

    From andriyan, on Sun 27 May 19:17
  12. And Shumacher showed his talents again, Trying to push­ a wall out of the way. Go back to retirement, it suited­ you better.

    From RASTUS, on Sun 27 May 19:00
  13. @Brittany racism is a sign ol low IQ

    From Leon, on Sun 27 May 17:49
  14. F1 has become boring again, top 10 drivers don't­ change and races no nger hold any excitement. The only­ thing that seems to matter is how much money those­ involved can rip off from the supporters and sponsers.

    From DAVID J, on Sun 27 May 16:22
  15. watching Monaco is like watching paint dry, i will not­ watch this F1 round again it's to narrow for F1­ racing Berni open your eyes don't just think about­ how much money will go in your pocket

    From BERNARD, on Sun 27 May 15:50
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Only ONE person likes Monaco.............. BERNIE. GET­ RID OF MONACO !! and of everyone complaining about the­ drivers....Put the F1 circus on an American oval. and­ then see them race wheel to wheel......Oh and Button­ will no doubt be last - complaining about something­ instead of driving! Hamilton's vastly better than­ Button !

    From Alan, on Sun 27 May 15:16
  17. monaco is worst for viewers but great for drivers we­ need maybe a new road layout were you can over take or­ else its pole you win

    From warrockr, on Sun 27 May 15:10
  18. Earl, your sort of right, beating your teammate is­ important, but it is in the race which counts not­ qualifying. There are no points awarded for qualifying.

    From Bill K, on Sun 27 May 15:08
  19. 78 laps of tedious drivel, it was alright last year but­ I don't think I'll be watching it again. The­ safety car at the beginning ruined things for me.

    From Leo, on Sun 27 May 15:08
  20. Quite a lot of people commenting on here are totaly­ pathetic and still living in the dark ages why not stay­ off these forums /sites unless they have some valid or­ interesting comments about the sport not there own­ racist or abusive remarks about the way they feel orthe­ way they feel that there being treated please go away­ and retreat into your little hide aways

    From DAVID, on Sun 27 May 15:03
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