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Singapore Grand Prix - Free Practice 1

Friday September 21, 2012 | Finished

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  1. @gerald - yeah you are right. but there was a gap of 2­ years before this so called humiliation was done to­ massa. in that two year his performance was again­ pathetic. he doesn't came near to win a race. may­ be he already knew that he was going to be treated like­ he didn't bother to perform.

    From Gaurav, on Fri 21 Sep 15:53
  2. @paul - what you want to understand there? you can­ compare kimi's new timing with 2008 timing­ tomorrow.

    From Gaurav, on Fri 21 Sep 15:50
  3. Please explain how this can be: Vettel 2011 Pole -­ 144.381 Kimi 2008 Lap Record - 145.599

    From paul, on Fri 21 Sep 15:22
  4. Massa has never been the same since he was humiliated­ by his team and alonso.

    From gerald, on Fri 21 Sep 13:06
  5. Once again Massa nowhere near his team mate to give­ support. Time for Ferrari to show him the door. I have­ always liked the guy but he is letting the team down­ and not just this year. He has never been the same­ after the accident unfortunatly.

    From STEPHEN, on Fri 21 Sep 12:50
  6. The game is afoot, Alonso well behind both of his main­ rivals by nearly a second, I know its only first­ practice before anyone says so

    From PAUL, on Fri 21 Sep 12:40
  7. its time for kimi to win :)

    From paulius, on Fri 21 Sep 12:02
  8. Its time we have a running commentary on here !!

    From ock-hi, on Fri 21 Sep 11:51
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    It's about time for a Romain Grosjean win,­ don't you think?

    From Red Ears, on Fri 21 Sep 11:23
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