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Singapore Grand Prix - Race

Sunday September 22, 2013 | Finished

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  1. Bernie letting things slide on the Red Bull? If he­ wanted to make fans happy he'd tilt the rules even­ more in favor of Ferrari. Heck last year he changed­ the rules at the 11th hour and Red Bull still managed­ the win. Now with a year of development under their­ belt they are simply out classing the field...again. ­ Ferrari, Mercedes (what is happening at McClaren?) need­ to figure it out or pray Bernie can figure out a way to­ slow down the Red Bull. Ferrari at least has shot w/­ the drivers theyre fielding for the team win, but if­ they can't field more competitive machines,­ they'll be following the leader yet again.

    From TriDave, on Tue 1 Oct 13:18
  2. Yaaawwwn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Anon1, on Mon 23 Sep 2:37
  3. Something is fishy in redbull land Vettel is not that­ good A driver is the car that superior or is Bernie­ just not looking at something, Alonso just proves­ again he is the best driver out there finishing that­ good in an inferior car same with Kimi.

    From Lou, on Sun 22 Sep 20:10
  4. I bet all the whiners wouldn't be whining if it was­ a British driver leading this, it would be all great­ news fantastic etc etc,

    From V for Vendetta, on Sun 22 Sep 17:43
  5. RedBull and Vettel are F1A favourites to snitch up­ this title again playing with different rules.

    From Sunny, on Sun 22 Sep 16:54
  6. Why do Australians treat every machine like it's a­ club?

    From Red Ears, on Sun 22 Sep 15:24
  7. vettel won , how exciting, this sport needs a Viagra to­ liven it up...

    From paul s, on Sun 22 Sep 15:19
  8. What the Heck? Mark Webber breaks his car again?

    From Red Ears, on Sun 22 Sep 15:18
  9. Again That sucks! the devil looks after his own

    From Jill, on Sun 22 Sep 15:14
  10. This guy his just to good, he should be made to stop­ one extra pit stop to everyone else just to give the­ rest a chance. Red Bull is as good as Mark Webber­ shows therefore its not the car, its the little German

    From , on Sun 22 Sep 15:14
  11. For the first time since the Schumacher era I decided­ not to watch the GP and I didn't miss anything. How­ very very boring it has all become again and how smug­ Vettel appears. Bet Webber's pleased he's­ getting out of it. Bernie you need to do something­ this is silly now and people all over the planet are­ switching off.

    From George, on Sun 22 Sep 15:12
  12. Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel: "Thanks guys, the­ car felt absolutely fantastic. This is a team effort,­ this doesn't by accident it's all about the­ whole team." "Team".... I don't­ think so! Poor Webber. Instead of giving the guy a­ proper sendoff Redbull seems they forgot Webber is also­ part of that "team". This is atrocious and­ devilish.

    From Haku Daten, on Sun 22 Sep 15:11
  13. well done, kimi!! you're the hero!

    From Nora, on Sun 22 Sep 15:11
  14. well done, kimi!! you're the hero!

    From Nora, on Sun 22 Sep 15:10
  15. Why the hell does Seb's car works perfectly...­ while his teammate are "mostly"­ troublesome???

    From Haku Daten, on Sun 22 Sep 15:07
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Vettel simply Unbeatable

    From IMMIGRANTS R US = LABOUR, on Sun 22 Sep 15:07
  17. That's the first time Webber has been "on­ fire", all season.!!

    From charles p, on Sun 22 Sep 15:06
  18. alonso is the master best driver ..also kimi

    From warrockr, on Sun 22 Sep 15:05
  19. No wonder Alonso didn't even consider a retrograde­ move to Mclaren.!!!

    From charles p, on Sun 22 Sep 15:03
  20. Omg vettel again is getting really bored now ...

    From CHRISTIAN, on Sun 22 Sep 15:00
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