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Spanish Grand Prix - Free Practice 3

Saturday May 12, 2012 | Finished

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  1. hope he storms thru and shows the b'stards

    From michael, on Sat 12 May 20:45
  2. wtf as usual hamilton being penalised no consistency

    From michael, on Sat 12 May 20:43
  3. @ B, hold the ctrl and scroll up

    From hwd, on Sat 12 May 11:51
  4. Why is my eurosport page become so small. The letters­ are so small I cant read. Can someone help me get the­ normal page?

    From B, on Sat 12 May 11:35
  5. Ijan@ Webber expects Q3 absentees. Not P3 absentees,­ P3 tyres are part of the "Practice allowance"­ use em or lose em! You cant save em for the race mate..

    From walkin quiet, on Sat 12 May 11:07
  6. no updates for last ten mins

    From John, on Sat 12 May 10:55
  7. Practice means NOTHING. The teams are just playing with­ their set ups and not trying to do a fast lap. The only­ time we will get an idea of who is fastest is in­ qualifying.

    From ALAN, on Sat 12 May 10:46
  8. yahoo your commentary is really confusing it needs to­ be clearly defined as you are mixing p2, and 3 ad its­ just easier to look at it on the bbc site

    From Han Solo, on Sat 12 May 10:30
  9. Good F1 on the bbc again for this race love it

    From Patrick, on Sat 12 May 10:29
  10. haha minutes 47 still no cars? i bet Webber is­ one bother to take pole..saving the tire is­ crucial for qualifying..should make Q3 for 30 mins­ enough..

    From Ijan, on Sat 12 May 10:17
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