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Sunday November 17, 2013 | Finished

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  1. What I'm wondering is, when will Vettel emulate his­ compatriot and make a big money move to Ferrari?

    From Phil, on Wed 20 Nov 22:46
  2. My racing on Gran Tourismo is more exciting than this­ same tyre dribble

    From M, on Mon 18 Nov 21:11
  3. What drives me crazy is the sing song voice of David C­ , Curz, curz, curz,DRS DRS DRS, is all he talks about.­ Please get rid of him and most of the rules, and­ let's see some real driving.

    From Geoff West, on Mon 18 Nov 19:40
  4. @tonyandlofty - another cheating german?? Who was the­ first?

    From domani, on Mon 18 Nov 11:24
  5. How many of you that commented below are not a Vettel­ fan ? It would have been nice if some of you actually­ could expect a win from someone else than Lewis­ Hamilton. When McLaren used to have the best car of the­ season, he won which happened a long time before, when­ Vettel was at his beginning and announcing his­ domination. Of course you find it boring because the­ same man you do not appreciate wins almost every race.­ The setup that Vettel has is the same on Webber's­ car, almost, due to the qualification time , yet in the­ race he finishes 2nd or 3rd. All that means that Vettel­ shines on track and it is his time for it. You can say­ the same of Grosjean which had a really nice race and I­ think we will see more podium finishes if not wins from­ the French( who is driving a British car, maybe this­ will please u )

    From Razvan, on Mon 18 Nov 10:18
  6. why Raikonnen didn't drive for Lotus?

    From , on Mon 18 Nov 7:33
  7. Could they just remove the Kers and DRS

    From Cedric james, on Mon 18 Nov 6:48
  8. I hope the F1 TEAMS, DRIVERS, AND THAT LITTLE­ ECCLESTONE,,,,,, are reading all these comments,­ because formula 1 is dead, dead boring, dead pointless,­ dead waste of time and money,id rather watch paint dry,­ pick rain drops up, whistle in the wind, and find that­ needle in a hay stack then watch this boring #$%$ .­ Sad really as i loved formula 1, especially when they­ raced at top speed, no petrol saving, could choose­ tyres, not be told what tyres they have to use. bring­ back gears chaqnging manually, unlimited amounts of­ refueling, mno need for curse, most of all let them­ RACE.

    From jacky, on Sun 17 Nov 21:47
  9. I do not know what is worse, the fact that we in­ BRITAIN are building a car for Vettel to go out and­ beat our fellow brits, knowing theres obviously­ blatantly just got to have some illegal infringement­ on that car, and its making our own drivers look­ stupid, or the fact the F1 havnt been able to find it,­ or red bull are laughing their heads of at us dim­ witts. But i know one thing, FORMULA 1 IS DYING OF­ BOREDOM . T cant count how many people who were die­ hard fans , just wont be watching anymore, couldnt give­ a monkeys what the results are. Its one big puppett­ show, one pulls the strings, Bernie Ecclestone, take­ away the gismos the gadgets, and there will be no need­ for curz. or tyre stupid degredation "save your­ tyres " and use of soft, hard tyres, let the teams­ choose what ever they want, bring back refuelling,­ then there will be none of this "stupid save fuel­ " no team orders, simple go back to racing, take­ away the flappy paddle gears, make the drivers drive­ let nature take its course, i.e run out of petrol,­ wrong tyre choice, give the teams an equall budget, its­ so unfair on the lower teams as just when they catch up­ with the big teams, they change everything,Better still­ watch the touring cars, magic real racing, or moto gp2­ marquez the rookie won at the last race, exciting. GOD­ HELP F1 SOMEONE NEEDS TO.

    From jacky, on Sun 17 Nov 21:37
  10. its not fun anymore

    From Jim, on Sun 17 Nov 21:18
  11. load of rubbish fans need to vote with their feet

    From Alan, on Sun 17 Nov 21:15
  12. F1 has become genuinely boring and that little shyte­ Bernie Ecclestone is to thick to see through the wads­ of notes that the paying public deserve better.

    From MRM, on Sun 17 Nov 21:01
  13. How much longer do we have to wait to see what is on­ Vettel's car that makes is so much faster at the­ start when there are 10 cars in the top ten during­ Qualifying all within a second yet as soon as the race­ is underway Vettel is able to pull out a second a lap­ (sometimes even more). He may be a good driver but I­ cannot help the apprehension that we have another­ cheating German. I am the only F1 fan who thinks this ?

    From Tony and Lofty, on Sun 17 Nov 20:59
  14. never going to watch it again f1 is so so so boring ­ and it will never change

    From TEL BOY, on Sun 17 Nov 20:58
  15. Yawn......

    From Pheasey, on Sun 17 Nov 20:51
  16. Yawn......

    From Pheasey, on Sun 17 Nov 20:51
  17. dammit my alarm has gone off and woken me up

    From michael, on Sun 17 Nov 20:47
  18. Di Resta back to his usual I see.

    From Snabaw, on Sun 17 Nov 20:41

    From TEL BOY, on Sun 17 Nov 20:41
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Come on Grosjean....send that Aussie home

    From mick d, on Sun 17 Nov 20:37
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