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  1. Incredible effort in handball matchPlay Video

    Incredible effort in handball match

    Watch this remarkable effort in a handball match.… Watch now

  2. Handball Coach pulls player's shirt during handball gamePlay Video

    Coach pulls player's shirt during handball game

    Serbia handball coach Sasa Boskovic is filmed tugging the jersey of Norway?s Linn Jorum Sulland mid-game.… Watch now

  3. Handball Serbia 'excited' for women's handball champsPlay Video

    Serbia 'excited' for women's handball champs

    Serbia handball star Jelena Eric says it is "very exciting" to have the women's European championships in their country.… Watch now

  4. Handball Handball player goes beserk after kissPlay Video

    Handball player goes beserk after kiss

    Briskena handball player Ivan Stufer pulled down his pants after being provoked by an opponent.… Watch now

  5. Handball Handball player disgraces himselfPlay Video

    Handball player disgraces himself

    Watch as a player barges over an opponent, gets sent off and then insults supporters in a handball game.… Watch now

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