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  • Adam Adam May 31, 2006 21:18 Flag

    Proud to be English?

    Whats the Craic with all this banning of the Saint Georges flag? Has the country gone mad? Creating Racial Disharmony? Where do they make this stuff up? Surely White, Black, Asian and any other creed born to this country will be behind Svens team in the hope we lift footballs greatest trophy!

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    • yea im proud to be engish to many goodie goodies in this country, cant do that u might upset someone, well so sorry dont like then get the hell out we all stick to other countries laws etc so let them stick with ours,

    • I don't give a damn what the government says; I'm flying the damn thing anyway!

    • I agree. I think it's stupid to bann the flag. The country is called ENGLAND. Not africa, not asia. IF WE WANT TO FLY OUR FLAG IN OUR COUNTRY, THEN THATS OUR BUSINESS!

    • I am a born Englishman but have lived most of my life in the caribbean, of course I am cheering for England but want Trinidad so show the world how sweet the soce music in the caribbean is. Looking for a win for england against Trini and Sweden and Sweden Paraguay Draw and Trini to beat Paraguay, then Trini and England both advance, great for England and great for the caribbean

    • Im England Till I DIE Im England Till I Die I am I am I know I am Im England till I die... rather than banning the national flag why not ban the bloody foreginers that it offends. If they dont like it deport them.

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      • It offends me and I'm as English as a cricket bat. I'm not offended on behalf of anyone else. Just me. It's unEnglish to display ecessive pride and to draw attention to oneself or one's #$%$ car/white van (in the case of the two stupid flags dangling, torn, dirty and forlorn from the windows, just like Engerland's hopes in the Association soccerball World's cup.

    • yeh i have a huge st georges hanging from my bedroom window - council guy came round asking me to remove it - i told him just like everybody else absolutely not - he didnt get any police involved either although he said he would that was 4 days ago and im still waiting.
      Should the police come and ask me to remove it i will outright refuse - this is the country I was born in and id rather die than succumb to other peoples stupid wishes

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      • Yes you should kill yourself rather than take down a piece of cloth with red daubings on it.
        Anyone other than public buildings displaying the flag is simply not being English. It has nothing to do with race or religion or political correctness it is a case of what's English and what's not. We are renowned the world over for our restraint. Public displays of pride are the preserve of Americans and Italians not true red blooded Englishmen.
        If you were a true Englishman you wouldn't have the flag up in the frst place.

    • I was in England over the past week, I saw plenty of "minorities" wearing St.Georges T-shirts.

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      • well its cos of the crusades if you watch robin hood movies the crusaders have the st georges cross on their chest...wheras in the movies its heroic in fact it was a brutal religeous war..so many jewish women were raped that the succession of the religeon was changed to that of te mother.....same for the arabs they see it as a symbol of persecution...personally i think its time to forget and watch the footy but thats whats behind it.

    • I have flown the St. George along side my own Stars and Stripes for nearly 4 yrs. and have yet to get any grief from others because of it (they wouldn't dare). I have a neighbour that flys a Harley flag and the Honda folks don't bother them. What is freedom if you can't express it in such a simple matter?

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      • I have never been racist but it is becoming more and more difficult to be English.Why should we not fly our flag with pride.I am proud to be English and will fly the flag with pride for my country.

      • This is all total #$%$ I'm of Indian descent born and raised in England and bloody proud of it! I don't see anything wrong with flying the flag because it's our flag! I'm sure all of the English of Indian descent are behind the England team. I can't speak for the Pakistanis though, that's a different country!

      • I saw an aisian taxi driver today with a st george flying from every window of his cab. Thought it said a lot really. It's about football, not joining the nazis or BNP or whatever you call it. I love football. I'm flying my flag (if only to annoy the posh neighbours!). Keep it real guys, it's about the football. COME ON ENGLAND!!!!

    • Think you might have, yes. Is there just the slightest chance some people didn't catch your sense of humour?
      Good stuff mate, there's nothing like a good argument!

    • I have 2 Asian families living in my street . My 2 Sons have the England flags on the bedroom windows in the front of the house, i have england flags on my car as does my wife . Friday morning i had a knock on the door . Guess what a guy from the Local Council ordering me ** Not asking** to take my flag down . As you can imagine the Air was blue . I told him next time he comes he can bring the Police . I have 3 freinds who are Police and they all have the Flags on their houses . They told they will not get involved with any of those disputes . Guess what they have no Muslims living in their roads. This is PC gone stupid . I Have to take the flag of my country down because the Muslims dont like it . #$%$ if they dont like it move back to Pakistan . I am really getting sick of this country and the do gooders who run it . When Liverpool where playing in the FA cup final no objections to my liverpool flags or any other people in the steet who flew liverpool flags . But hey the Liverpool flag does not have a cross on it . This is the real reason we cannot fly the banner of our country . Same as the norwegain soldiers in Afghanistan they have had to change the way they have the flag on the uniform because it looked like a crucifix .

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