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  • Robert M Robert M Oct 27, 2007 23:58 Flag

    Chelsea 6, Man City 0 - do we still miss Mourinho?

    What do you think?

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    • The moment Chelsea start losing some matches, you will miss Maureen like a Drunkard misses his booze! And when you are winning, you will want to get over him!

      He was good for Chelsea, hated his guts but he had pedigree. Grant is a Rich Man's whim. Doubt he has the abilities to galvanise a team like Mr Moronho did. A single swallow doesnt make a summer, You defeated the pretenders of this season.

      Wish you luck when you meet the big boys.

    • As good as Chelsea were yesterday, (and we were good) City's defending was shockingly bad as bad gets.....

      Would Chelsea have achieved the same result under José? No one will ever know, but one thing is certain, for all his critics of his style of play and tactics, so many have tried copying them ever since.

      Grant even admitted copying José's tactics for the Valencia game.

      It was not all as defensive under Mourinho as people like to believe. there was the 4 goals in a game, 6 times in 9 league matches during 04/05 and the Bolton demolition job the following season, not to mention the 4-1 at Anfield....

      As long a Chelsea are winning, then most fans won't care. If we hit a bad patch, will the fans turn on Grant or the board who put him up front as their puppet!...