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  • mike mike May 28, 2005 07:36 Flag

    Can everton attract the big players now they are in chmp lge

    with teams like panathanaikos,rosenborg,trabzonspor shaktar.brugge.bremen,tel aviv and gak regulary getting in the group stages of the champions league do the everton fans think they can attract the big players to their club when they dont go to the clubs listed above who have better european experiance than they do.the blues dont pay big wages and have been in the wilderness for a long time..remember the last manager who won manager of the season after finishing fourth....burley of ipswich...what happened the saeson after ...relegation...be prepared for humiliation my tenner is on the blues to go down.

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    • Oh dear, what a souless person you must be! Anyone with half a brain is congratulating Moyes and his team for a magnificent effort. Ok, they might have exceeded expectations and had some luck on the way but the league doesn't lie. Everton WILL attract some bigger names now and qualify from the group stages. You heard it here 1st!!

    • im guessing from the tone of your topic that ur not an everton fan. however if a club, tipped for relegation, can spend less than £4 million in pre-season (less than some of the promoted teams) then qualify for the champions league doesnt this show that anythings possible. therefore with more money to spend this summer and quality proven premiership players such as davies, forssell, parker, etc. coming into the club im sure that the squad will be more than confident of reaching the group stages and more whereas many of the teams you mention only aim to get to the group stages and they're happy with that. everton, the staff and the fans know we can acheive so much more.

    • they stole liverpools place rot in hell

    • Ipswich actually finished 5th in 2000/01. Dont think they will go down but I know they will not be reaching dizzy heights again for a very long time. They have to qualify 1st and may draw a big 3rd or 4th placed team from Sapin, Italy or Germany

    • The big challenge is indeed ahead for Moyes, he has bought well though so far since the end of the season but they won't attract big enough stars to finish top 4 again i don't think (provided Liverpool don't follow up the European Cup with another poor league finish which i am certain we won't do).

      I cannot see them going down though, they have had some of the worst sides i've ever seen and stayed up, they are forever going to be in our shadow but i think i'll have to wait a while before i can witness the greatest sight around - Everton going down.

      In saying that 3 seasons ago Everton finished 5th/6th? i forget, they were in the CL spot for a while before we overtook them. Then they almost went down, i would love to see the same happen this time round but i think the team they have will be strong enough to get a mid table finish.