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  • Erik Hartberg Erik Hartberg Dec 13, 2007 20:49 Flag

    Is Capello the man for England?

    The Special One has ruled himself out of the England job. Will England suffer without guidance from Mourinho or is Capello the man to steer England to success?

    Many will argue that Capello's tactics are negative. Is it better to win games than play exciting football?

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    • both capello and mourinho are good..but,what the point of losing if everytime they lose,they sack the manager?.ok,sven g.e was good.glen hoddle was good.mclaren also was good wif boro.then,after managing england,we stat thinking that they not good..so,this also will happen to mourinho n capello if they fail managing england.it doesnt make sense right?very stupid mentality of angry people..for me,staying with sven g.e could be better bcause he had achive some vctory b4 in england n italy too,prove that finally,he can deliver something(cup) for england..i know the fact that he achive nothing(didnt reach semis seems are nothing for all english) along his 6 years for england,but we need the 6years experience of losing with england from him,not the new idea n tactical from outside anymore..especially from italians style..its better late than never.the best thing that FA should done is appointing Alan Shearer or Klinsman as Sven's backup n plis stop gath all their prolific players for 1 whole team in 1 game..hurm,by the way,sven g.e was sacked,so no point for me to back him up anymore.i hope that capello will stay longer than sven g.e untill he achive 1 cup for england.if any disasters happened again,dont blame coach,blame the players.ok,for the question of who is better either mourinho or capello,for me,arsene wenger is the answer..-hanafi (liverpool fc kop)

    • what does parker know hes been second rate all his career,is he even english?

    • To have agreed to take up the England's job is indicative of his standing.He knows the magnitude of the task ahead yet he dares the challenge.I think Capello is a determined guy and hopefully with less interruption from the big loud mouths, he is capable of turning things round for the better.He isn't a magician but I bet he will need immediate results.England and English fans have no patience.Jose Mourinho would have been good too but I strongly believe Capello is best because he accepted the daunting challenge and hopefully he and his new team will prevail.Best of luck Capello

    • It does not matter, the old saying that you cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear is so true with England's overpaid, under skilled and un committed players. No wonder there are so few English players in the Premier league, if a club wants success they have to go for good foreign players (banning them wouldn't help either).
      Look at how many managers England have had over so few games - change the manager every 10-15 games - what hope do they really have.

    • Nice day everyday.
      Capello is not God!
      success will depend between coach and players . So, at first Capello must to try player's morale.

    • Capello is simply the new captain of the Titanic now.

      He will be do nothing more than re-arrange the deck chairs on this ill fated ship.

    • As I Remember The England National Team Had Never Show An Exciting

      Footbal,so don't worry about that.
      and I think F.Capello Is The Most Successful Manager On Earth,but

      For Some Reasons I'm Not Hoping For His Triumph,The Best Choise For

      The Job Is A Good English Man who Needs Trust,Just Like What

      Germans Did.Steve Mclaren Was A Possibility but Not For Too long.I

      think Someone Like Roy Keane Is My Choise.(oh! what a pity He's not


    • A lot of talk on this forum was also said about swen when he got the job and about how good a coach he was Any manager has to be guaged on the work he does in the future not on what he has done in the past there is a differance between club and international football

    • I think it would be easier if the english players learned Italian!!!Capello is not a multi-language man,how much is his interpreter getting?????????????????????

    • The answer - Of course he is, IF you want to win things, ie games.
      England has many problems, ie not enough english players playing in foriegn leagues or thier own domestic. They aren't technically good enough, and don't have the facilities that most of the contiental teams have for producing youth. Also english managers are basically third rate. They usally manage a priemer league club that is not high profile, and employ underdog tactics, ie up and over.
      The players are English, the team is called England, but your manager is Italian. Get a grip, so what if he is foriegn, if England win the world cup, it's hardly given to both italy and england, it's england. Wise up!

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