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    FIFA World Rankings

    The new rankings, updated with the world cup are as follows.

    1 Brazil (-)
    2 Italy (+11)
    3 Argentina (+6)
    4 France (+4)
    5 England (+5)
    6 Netherlands (-3)
    7 Spain (-2)
    8 Portugal (-1)
    9 Germany (+10)
    10 Czech Republic (-8).

    It now looks more respectful, the only dodgy one is England at fifth. After our performances in the WC I wouldn't even put us in the top 10.

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    • Don't disagree with you that the performance was pretty dire but surely England must be at least in the top 10, after all we finished in the top 8 in the world cup.

    • England should not be in the top 10 because they played poor football. Mexico played some good football and didn't even get in the top 10. How is that right?

    • USA and Mexico are both out the top 10 which can only be a good thing seen as they play the likes of Canada and other crap teams. Apparently they have changed the system and now more consideration is taken of the importance of the match and the strength of opponents.

      I don't know how we have moved 3 places above Portugal when we were 3 places lower, they knocked us out and finished fourth in the World Cup.

    • Well at least the US is out of the top ten. That scared me alot.

      Well, England is in the top five. Interesting. Do you think Portugal may be lower due to Ronaldo?

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      • Well FIFA introduced a new ranking system and released it today hence all the cofusion (LOL).
        Basically only the results in the last 4 years now count.
        Teams get 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss
        Points are calculated on International A matches played and not friendlies hence the USA's demise (LMAO).
        Now here is where it gets confusing so all you rocket scientists take note
        Status of match (multiplication factor of 1 to 4)
        Strengh of opponent (multiplication factor of 0.50 to 2)
        Strengh of confederation (a factor of 0.85 and 1)
        I wont bore you with the rest plus it nullifies my theory of amount of envelopes received stuffed with cash.
        Its on their official web site.

      • God you're right. How did they ever get to fourth anyway? At least England has beaten some teams to get to fifth. Couldn't be FIFA conspiring to raise the profile of the game in the US, I'm sure...

        I don't know if they factor in fair play, but it would seem pretty misleading to do that in a ranking list. With the exception of Portugal, it's almost like a chart of the teams that succeeded in getting the most opponents yellow and red carded.

      • All I know is that if France can move up so many places with a number of average displays in the World Cup - then Portugal should move up at least a place! Not sure what the politics are behind it but its all total bo**ocks!

      • Hi Mel, don't think you were the only one shocked to see USA up there! lol

        I think sportsmanship does come into it. Not just Ronaldo, but look at the Portugal vs Holland game, 4 red and 16 yellow cards

    • Does anyone know how FIFA calculate the points for this?
      Or if indeed FIFA do actually calculate any points or are the points given in a similar way to pulling balls out for Bingo?

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      • The FIFA World Rankings is a ranking system for national teams in football (soccer). The teams of the member nations of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), football's world governing body, are ranked based on their game results with the most successful teams being ranked highest. A point system is used, with points being awarded based on the results of matches played in FIFA-recognized international competitions. Under the existing system, rankings are based on a team's performance over the last eight years, with more recent results being more heavily weighted to help reflect the current competitive state of a team. Teams delivering consistently good performances tend to be more highly ranked, and the system currently in use is somewhat slow to respond to significant changes in a team's performance. A new system, based on results over only four years, and with other amendments to the criteria, has been introduced after the 2006 World Cup. The first edition of the new series of rankings was issued on 12 July 2006.

        Other alternative systems have been devised, such as the World Football Elo Ratings, based on the Elo rating system used in chess, ranking teams on an all time basis. The UFWC (Unofficial Football World Championships) ranks teams on the number of times they have defended the Unofficial Football World Championship, an award devised solely for that purpose.

    • How an earth can Portugal go down a place and England UP?
      No logic to these lists?

    • How do we find ourselves ahead of Portugal, who have knocked us out of the last two tournaments?