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  • I strongly suspect that the reason why liverpool and arsenal have restricted themselves to a `gentle amble` through Austria and Switzerland is because both have CL qualifiers coming up. As for utd`s trip to SA, very few senior members of the squad were there.

    As for the red cards, 3 years ago Gerard and Neil Mellor were sent off in the Amsterdam tournament and they were not banned from any EPL matches. Recent press reports suggest that even if the Dutch FA contact the English FA the latter would be very unwilling to issue bans for offences commited in pre-season matches.

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    • Yes that means they consider the 'amble' is better preperation for competitive matches.
      Hope your right about the FA response. Call me paranoid, but that was Liverpool this is United, someone will start talking about 'making examples' etc.

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      • Not necessarily better preparation just less risky. The more physical a game the more likely player will pick up niggly little injuries, like O`Shea`s dead leg last night. Picking up these type of injuries a couple of weeks before the EPL season starts is usually ok as you have enough time to recover, picking them up a few days before an important CL qualifier is a completely different matter.