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  • marcus marcus Aug 24, 2006 06:01 Flag

    Our opportunity for benefiting from the Italian fiasco is closing

    Sometimes I just don't undertand our transfer strategy. Utd's ability to attract top foreign talent is usually hampered by their wish to play in sunnier climes. Yet when RARE chances like Tevez / Adriano come along, we just don't seem to pull the trigger. The situation in Italy was a heaven sent opportunity to bolster our squad (especially considering that UTD have a very attractive team with Rooney and Ronaldo - that's a draw for incoming players) but I fear we are sqaundering the chance. Come one!

    Ronaldo Keen On Milan Move
    Wed 23 Aug, 1:09 PM

    MILAN, August 23 (Serie A) - AC Milan are preparing to take a more serious approach to the transfer market having secured their place in the Champions League group stage on Tuesday night. A 3-1 aggregate success over Red Star Belgrade means the Rossoneri can now count on the added financial bonus of top level European football next season and can splash out accordingly. Topping their wanted list is Real Madrid star Ronaldo and Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani headed to the Spanish capital on Wednesday hoping to return with the Brazilian striker. "We have asked for Ronaldo from Real and the player is keen, but first of all we need to negotiate with Real Madrid," said Galliani after Milan's win in Serbia. Milan have already missed out on the likes of Hernan Crespo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who both joined city rivals Internazionale, due to their reluctant approach to transfer deals because they were unsure if they would qualify for Europe. However, the cheque book can now be opened and Ronaldo is ready to return to the city where he played five seasons with Inter. Carlos Tevez of Corinthians is another Milan target, while many more names will inevitably be linked with the Italian giants between now and August 31, when the transfer window closes. end

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    • What's to understand? If a player isn't keen on playing for Utd. then there's no reason to bend over backwards to get them. Plus this isn't Chelski, we don't pay over what a player's worth. In fact we tend to pay less more often than not.

      I love the way Tevez plays (for that matter so does Fergie), but I think he's a little too similar to Rooney for us to be jumping through hoops to sign him. Plus what kind of message would that be sending to Rossi?

      As I've said before, be patient, Fergie knows what he's doing. How many trophies have you won?

    • We're inept in the transfer market.

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      • And you're inept on the boards jonathan if you seriously believe that. Sure we should have bought Rio from West Ham when he was cheaper, Gudjonnssen from Bolton when we had the chance etc etc, but Ole was less than £2m and won us the Champions League, and Eric was only £1m, a bargain even if adjusted for inflation, and is STILL sticking in the throats of the Leeds. Heinze for £6m - bargain! And Becks, Giggs, Scholes, Butt, Nevilles - cost us fuck all apart from room and board. Sure there are mistakes, but all clubs make them - we get away with them less because of the ongoing continuity in the squad - it's SAF's policy of FIFO - "Fit in, or Fuck Off!"