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    Take Ruud Back OR Buy New Striker


    What would YOU do this summer IF you had the choice?

    38 goals in 56 games for Madrid....poor workrate, scores goals by the truck load, which our team are doing even better at since he's gone, yet we NEED a striker....

    What do you reckon?!

    I would still go for a young prospect...but it would be nice to see a legend return....

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    • No sorry Ruud was sold for a reason,we need either a Berbatov,Torres or owen[michael].
      If we start looking at ex-players going on to do well elsewhere maybe Diego forlan should come back.

    • well ruud is a legend,and a bonus for any team, probably the deadliest striker to were the utd shirt, and the deadliest striker in spain if not the world at the moment, for instant against milan we lacked accuracy, with ruud theres a 95% he will score from set pieces and positioning given than the chance but we can never take back a player thats heart is not utd anymore it wont work will it?

      any way i think we have a new striker in rossi, i think he is gonna be big,lets hope, and we need a expirience striker to go on top

    • Dont think Ruud could come back. I remember earlier in the season a couple of players saying how much better the team spirit was at Old Trafford and I couldnt help thinking it was in part down to Ruud going!

      Think we should always go new and young as well. I always see re-signing players as steps backwards. Unless there are extraordinary circumstances i.e. left as a youngster and now quality!

    • Ruud is a closed chapter for Man Utd now. He is a Red Legend no doubt and won all of the trophies there are to win in England with us before he left. Although he never got Big Ears he still scored tons of goals for us in Europe too. BUt our attck had become too one dimensional with him in the team with all of our attcking players developing a "look for Ruud" mentality when they were in the opponents half. Now many of our players have taken the responsibility of getting goals and that has really shown this year. I always knew Ruud would get goals at Madrid because hes a goal machine and lives to put the ball in the back of the net but I don't think we need to bring him back. Ideally what we really need is a more reliable Saha type striker.

    • I too would like to see a young prospect. We already have several players who're getting on in years, and that obvioulsy includes Ole. I'd go for Huntelaar, Quagliarella or Torres, but Huntelaar or Quagliarella would be a better choice. Berbatov's great too but it will be very tough, plus someone under 25 years of age would still be the best option, so the Hunter/Quagli will be my first choice.

      As for Ruud, good for him that he's still banging in the goals but we should be going for youth.

    • As much as I love Ruud, and as much as I was heartbroken and pissed off when he left, we are clearly better all around without him. Also, he is doing really well in Spain, he has dragged Real Madrid as close to a trophy as they have been for 4 years now.
      Let's let bygones be bygones, both parties benefitted from his move, so that should be the end of it. Buy a young striker like Huntelaar instead. Infact, buy anyone but Torres instead.

    • Not take Ruud back. Get another striker.

    • a striker with pace suits the way we play more at the moment, Ruud can score, but if it takes away from the rest of the team, im not sure if its worth it.

    • Didn't we lose Ruud for a reason? Obviously, unless Saha overcomes his problems (can't see it happening soon though) we need a new striker, but I think it would be a mistake to bring him back - we've proven ourselves to be a better team without him. I'd like to see a more creative player than van Nistelrooy up front next season. And Rossi should indeed be given a chance, so maybe we should see what he can do.