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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Dec 11, 2007 00:59 Flag

    Can Utd get a result at Anfield

    Sure this thread will break down into a slagging match, but lets try and get some decent thoughts before that happens.

    How confident are Utd fans you can get a result at Anfield on Sunday? Its a critical game, and dependign on what happens on the same day down in London, could really shake things up at the top of the table. He's just some things to think about:

    Utd most likely to rest key players this week - advantage Utd

    Liverpool need to win Tuesday, so likely to play key players midweek - advantage Utd

    Game is not until Sunday, so midweek may not have a major impact - may even out first two

    Man U strong at home, but disapointing away this season - advantage LFC

    Injuries - both got em, so lets nto go there - even

    Who is the referee? - could be advantage chelsea once again!

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    • Yes we won! but Arsenal also did so... damn it seems to be a 2 sided league again.. but hey didnt our center backs rock!!?? vidic and ferdenand were unbelievably invencible.. Brown again gave us to hard times.. and fellas.. as normally starting line-up Garry neville is in his 30s WE NEED A RIGHT BACK IMMEDIATELY.. can u think of one?

    • Yes they can* - and they may well do.

      *See last 5 results at Anfield for evidence 4 United wins and 1 draw. Come on United!

    • With all respect to you and your listed factors, I'm sorry to say in big games like those you should be ready for all sorts of surprises.. Liverpool on the other hand never shown a steady form since premiership has begun. I dont recall a single month seeing them on a stable -good or even bad- form. Man Utd are more experienced on big clashes but not by far. on the other hand they also are mostly reacting not proacting especially this season.

      If I only saw Rafa this season I'd say some rivals paid him to screw up with the team. The guy has issues this year obviously.

      As a Man Utd fan I hope a much needed win at Anfield will be the scenario. But I hope overall the 2 games wont have a harmful impact on us in the big race to gold in May.

      I see a draw or a tight win for Utd. but wont be surprised if we lose. Lets hope for a good session tomorrow and that our team will work as unit. I think the devils will do their best, not so sure how the Reds will perform, but some sense says they'll be either too good or too bad.

    • what??? you think its that close you must be joking if liverpool win it will be by 2 man team gerrard and torres striking lucky am not gonna test fate any more than that i can remembe losing to no hopers before freak events do happen

    • Methinks a draw will be the likeliest resuky as it will be a very close game. A draw would be a fair result, given the tightness of the game, but i'd still prefer United to win.

    • UTD have the better quality in depth.
      Shackle Torres and Pool have little threat going forward. SAF will know how to do that.
      My only concern is Wesley Brown...he's a bit gormless.
      Think 1-0 to UTD.

    • "Man U strong at home, but disapointing away this season - advantage LFC"

      That's a bit harsh dsteer. Out of 7 away games we have only lost 2. On the flip side, your lot have only won 2 out of your 7 home games (that's pretty poor for a top 4 side). I don't think you have too much of an advantage in this case.

    • First off, thanks for not letting this thread fall into the hand of the wind up merchants. Good honest comments, some I agree with, but of course some I don't.

      I agree the pressure is going to be felt more by Liverpool, both with the week we are having, our relative position in league, and of course the issues between Rafa and the owenrs. But, I'm nto sure the pressure is such a bad thing, as it can cut both ways, either lifting a team, or putting them under too much pressure to perform at their best.

      I doubt a loss by either side rules them out in terms of the title. Yes it means Liverpool will have further to climb, but at this stage of the season, and the fact that all top sides have dropped points, noting is going to be sealed until late in the season. Also a win does not mean either has already won the prem, but it would be a major shot in the arm for both fans and players. Getting one over on any team in the top 4 is a major achievement, and can really lift or deflate a squad, and this, plus the meeting at OT has to be the biggest games of the season.

      Lastly, here's to a great game on Sunday, no matter who your cheering for.


    • If Liverpool fail to get through to the last 16 of champs league then the pressure on sunday will not only be on the team to get a result but may be on the manager as well.Relations between the manager and the owners are reported to be decidedely chilly so anything could happen.

    • We have a good record at Anfield; why should it change now?

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      • liverpool will be the team under the greater pressure - not only have they just lost their unbeaten premiership record but there is a very public row going on between their manager and owners. liverpool are one of three teams on 30 points so if they don`t win they could find themselves in 6th place which is not likely to improve matters between Benitz and the club`s owners - especially if liverpool also fail to get through to the next round of the CL. This is a big week for Benitz, probably the biggest week in his liverpool career, and the pressure on him and therefore on his team is going to be huge.

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