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  • Eric Cantona Eric Cantona Jun 10, 2008 20:12 Flag

    United are becoming too arrogant

    Here's the reason why Ramsey made the right decision by rejecting United:

    - Arsene Wenger has a track record unsurpassed in the modern game of giving youngsters a chance at the expense of winning at all costs mentality of Fergie.
    ++ Such as? Exactly how many youngsters has Arsenal brought through its ranks?

    - Fergie recently sold these potential talents Rossi, Pique whilst Wenger gave rejects like Cesc a chance and look at the same Cesc now being wanted by Milan, Real, and Barca.
    ++ So what happened to Bentley?

    - Fergie is retiring in 3 years time, Ramsey will be 23 years old by then and will be stupid if he had joined United because he will be shipped out to Sunderland, the burial ground for most Uniteds youngsters.
    ++ Your maths is as good as your A* English, Slayer. Ramsey is 17. 17 + 3 = 20, not 23.

    ALL hail Ramsey for making the best career move in his young career. Another youngster chose the real biggest club in England - AFC.

    ++ You've never tasted being Champions League winners either.

    Welcome on board, RAMSEY!!!!
    ++ So you castigate us for saying Ramsey is a United player - which we never did, but don't late facts ruin a story - and now you say 'Welcome on board'; so he's actually signed then?